Want, Need, Wear, Read

In my last few years as a Vinson before I got married my mom started approaching Christmas a little bit differently than when my siblings and I were small.  Instead of a ton of random gifts, we started to get four main gifts:  something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read.  I LOVE how this simplifies gift giving and it makes shopping (and asking for things!) so much more intentional.  Now Tyler and I do this for each other and we do this for the babies!  I thought I would share a few ideas of things we've got our eyes on this year! (Minus Tyler- I don't want him to know what I'm getting him! Ha!)



I'm SO EXCITED about getting the Ikea play kitchen for Campbell and Crawford! They won't really "get" the kitchen part right now, but they will love opening and closing the doors, taking things on and off shelves, etc.  I think it'll be such a sweet gift that they can grow with in the next several years.  And you can't beat the Ikea price tag!  I'm considering getting my dad to help fancy it up again, but the jury is still out on if that'll happen or not! Ha!

As they are getting bigger I know I need to think about some different meal things that will help them transition to using bowls, plates, utensils, etc.  I have my eye on the gootensil, some disposable mats for when we're out, silicone plates, and an extra of our favorite sippy!  I also picked up some sleeved bibs at Ikea when we bought their kitchen.  Crawford in particular is SO MESSY so if we are in a situation where she doesn't need to be naked to eat, this will be a lifesaver! Ha! 

The Beaufort Bonnet Company Night Nights have been on my dream list for a long time.  I don't really have "fancy" style for the babes, but my love language is sweet pajamas!  The price tag is something that doesn't really work for me, but when Victoria called me on black Friday to say that they posted my favorite pair for CG in the sale, I immediately got on and bought them!  And then I called a boutique and snagged a pair for Campbell!  I'm so glad that I was able to snag these for such good deals!  It'll be a sweet treat for mama to see them in these! Plus, Crawford is having a pajama party for her birthday so now I don’t have to look for another birthday outfit.  Win win!

I've seen Risen Motherhood post about these Baby Believer books recently and I think they are SO CUTE!  Both the counting primer and the movement primer  will be really great additions to our library! 



I probably reminded Tyler to order the Seasonal Meal Planner no less than 10 times because I wanted this SO BAD! Ha!  This is a year long intentional meal planner and hospitality planner and I think it's going to be a game changer for our family.  Natasha is releasing a few more copies today so GO GRAB ONE!!

I would really love a new pair of house shoes!  I wear mine almost all day, everyday (hey, I stay home a lot! Ha!) and my current pair now has a hole in the toe so... I think it's time for a new pair! I love this pair from Bass Outlet.  The ones I have now are from there and they've lasted 2 years!

I'm slowly trying to learn what kind of clothing really fits my season of life.  It's been a long journey for me after becoming a mama to figure out what I really feel comfortable in and I feel like I'm really starting to get to a point of knowing what works for me!  My go-to right now is a boyfriend fit/flowy fit button down with jeggings.  It's comfortable enough for me to wear at home all day, but I feel more like a normal human when Tyler gets home instead of just being in a t-shirt and leggings all day!  I think button downs will work great through most seasons because in the spring I can wear lighter ones and in the winter I can wear thicker, flannel ones!

I've heard a ton of people recommend this book by Paul David Tripp and it's on my must read list for 2018!

I’m SO excited to be linking up with my friend Victoria and Sarah for their Christmas link up!  There are lots of fun prompts to come in the next two weeks! 

The importance of “dating” your children + a review

About a month and a half ago I learned about a sweet night Chick-fil-a was hosting for a Daddy-Daughter date night and Tyler quickly bought he and Crawford tickets! A couple of weeks ago was their big night and it was so sweet getting her ready and watching them go off on a date. Tyler picked out her dress, brought her a rose, and then took her to the Memphis Zoo for a CFA dinner, Christmas lights, and a carousel ride!  Every photo he sent me just melted me as I saw my girl having a sweet time with her daddy!  


Early last week I got to take my sweet Campbell bud out on a date too! My sister was home for Thanksgiving break so she came over to watch Crawford and Campbell and I went out on a day date! We had donuts, shopped around a little, played at the park, and then went on a walk! He especially loved the donut, snacks in his snack tray, and walking around the park! He kept hysterically laughing as we walked and it was the funniest thing.


Having these date nights with them is something we will make a priority in our family. I love that Crawford will grow up learning what it should look like when a boy pursues her. And I love that Campbell will learn what it looks like to pursue a lady with integrity. And above that, I love that they will grow up with memories of this one on one time. When all our attention and is on them. I can’t wait to take Crawford to get her nails done and for Tyler to take Campbell golfing. It’ll be sweet for us to have these bonding times with them as they get older. It’s my desire for our kids to see that we love who they are. We love their quirks and their unique personalities, we love hearing about what they like and are passionate about. I’m just so grateful I get to be their mama.  


On my fall date with Campbell we took out our Evenflo Pivot that the sweet people of Evenflo sent us since it was just the two of us! Mamas to be, this is a GREAT affordable stroller option! Campbell seemed really comfortable in the seat and he LOVED the snack tray! Ha! There are so many features that I love. I love that this system came with everything that you would need and you don’t have to immediately buy “extras” like a cup holder (although I will buy a parent console to attach eventually- this cup holder isn’t my favorite) and a snack tray. Not to even mention the fact that the system comes with an infant carrier!!!

A huge plus for this is that you don’t need an adapter to attach the infant seat, it attaches straight to the base of the stroller like the seat. SUPER convenient! Something else I really love is the fact that it can be a bassinet which I feel like we will use a lot with the next baby. with a few seat adjustments it quickly lays flat, perfect for naps on the go! The seat back adjusts to different heights to fit different development stages and I 100% think this is a stroller you can use from day 1 and not need another. It’s lightweight, fits the infant carrier, and transitions so baby can look at you or look out.


My main concern as I’ve been testing it out is the wheels since they aren’t like bike wheels. But it’s been a really smooth ride! Even when we were at the park, going over a little bit of grass and dirt it did well and Campbell wasn’t phased. We’ll continue to use this as an extra stroller when one of us happens to be out with just one babe and we’ll definitely use it when baby #3 comes! All in all, we've loved the Pivot system!

I’m so thankful for the one on one time that we’ve gotten with our two lately and I can’t wait to continue these dates as they get older. I pray that these moments of investing in them with individual time will bless their hearts for years to come! 

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.  Thankful for the companies who help support this blog and our little family!

Friday No. 7

1. Thanksgiving was SO MUCH FUN. It was probably my favorite Thanksgiving celebration ever! It was chilly, but not freezing so we threw some tables outside so everyone could eat together and it was really sweet. I’m a huge believer in a few small details making a big impact. Cheap grocery store flowers and a box of votives really can help set a sweet mood. It was a really laid back day with family and it’s one of my most favorite holidays! Making a turkey just gives me life and I love it SO much! Ha! So much to be thankful for!  



2. Last night we carried on the tradition of putting up the tree and giving the kids their first gift! I wrapped up a pair of Christmas pajamas and two Christmas books (from our Star from Afar kit and The Giving Manger) and we let them put their ornaments on the tree! Little traditions like this are so sweet to me. Thinking about adding more babies and watching these two get big and help with the tree just makes my heart hurt in the best way!  



3. Do I have any friends Black Friday shopping today?? It’s not something I usually take part in, but I have been looking around online at some things! Last night I snagged a turban for Crawford just like the one she wore in the hospital and for newborn photos. I’m so excited for her to have one again!  

4. Y’all I’m SO EXCITED to decorate for Christmas this weekend! A couple of weeks ago I painted a small wall in our living room/entry way with chalkboard paint and I’m excited to string up my advent cards!  



5. I mentioned it in last week’s post about daily rhythms so I wanted to make a quick note about it here. I read Emily Ley’s new book and I really enjoyed the practical advice (many things I’m going to implement!) but the simplifying faith chapter is not something I can endorse. The approach to faith is not what I believe to be true about what our walks with Christ should look, so I would totally skip that last chapter if you decide to read. An amazing book about walking with Jesus that is practical is Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word! Highly recommend! 

Today we are doing some fun things to get us in the Christmas spirit and I’m so so excited for fun memories with my little fam of four.  I hope each of you had a sweet Thanksgiving with the people you love!