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Songs for your Saturday Vol. 1

One week down in our attributes of God series! It's been so good for me to study and process each attribute of God and I'm thankful that He is always faithful to give us more of Himself. Today I want to give you some songs that will help you reflect specifically on some of the attributes we looked at this week. At the end of the month I'll post an entire Spotify playlist so you can always go back and listen to these songs that tell of his attributes!  

Both of these songs speak to the attentive nature of God. He is the God who hears our prayers, who never leaves us alone, and who never forgets us.  


God is our refuge and our deliverer!  


I love both of these songs as they remind me of the Lord's faithfulness! 


LOVE this song on the generosity of God. The Elm just released their album this week and I've been following Brittany for the past year and the Lord continually uses her in my life. You NEED to listen to their entire new album! Find more info on their website.  


I would love to know what the Lord has been teaching you this week! Share some of your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share any other songs that the Lord has brought to your mind this week.  

Sunday Scripture Vol. 2

He is the God who is Generous