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Our First Family Photo Session

There have been so many moments where my heart has almost burst because I can't believe that we really get to be Campbell's Mama and Daddy.  I dreamed about so many things.  Some things small and silly like dressing him up as Charlie Brown for Halloween and some things more serious like the first time we take him to church.  Seeing some of these things happen... feels like too much.  The Lord is so gracious.  Something I've dreamed about for a long time is the first time that we'll have family photos taken.  A week and a half ago my dream came to life as Katie Norrid BLEW US AWAY with her talent and blessed us with the most amazing photos to celebrate this unique season of our lives.  Here are a few (okay more than a few) of my favorites from our session!  

Thank you, Katie Norrid, for making my mama dreams come true!  

maternity dress/baby beanie

Campbell | one month

Bringing Home Campbell