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Celebrating Baby C

Y'ALL.  I am overwhelmed.  The way we have been supported and encouraged over the past few days blows my mind.  I truly cannot even put into words how I feel.  I am incredibly grateful.  I can't even believe how blessed we are that we get to walk this journey with so many people praying for us and cheering us on.  You're going to make me to do the ugly cry all day, everyday. 

It has been SO MUCH STINKING FUN talking about our baby.  OUR BABY.  I just cannot get over it! We've had a fun few weeks celebrating this babe and I wanted to share some of our random moments with you! 

Since September I've been keeping a journal of letters to our baby.  Every now and then Tyler and I will write notes to the baby and it makes me so excited for our child to read our words one day.  February 16th, the night Tyler came home for work and told me about his dream, I was able to write this to our baby.  IT WAS THE BEST. 

My first trip to Target in the baby aisles because WE ARE GETTING A BABY!!!!!

Photo Feb 17, 4 18 40 PM.jpg

I made Tyler a little Daddy goodie basket with stuff from Target I knew he would like.  AKA if you really know Tyler you know that puppy book will be read to our child 578335 times a day!  Ha!

Photo Feb 17, 4 29 25 PM.jpg

This was that Wednesday after we decided.  I went to target, got some goodies for Ty, and then got some stuff out of our hope chest.  This day was truly just the sweetest day yet.  I turned on worship music and just cried in the nursery.  Jesus has been so so good to us. 

Photo Feb 17, 4 33 22 PM.jpg

I bought this onesie 2 years ago this summer.  Seems so surreal finally being able to hang it on a tiny hanger in a nursery!

The afternoon light just poured in and I just sat and sobbed for the longest.  Ha!

Photo Feb 22, 3 34 35 PM.jpg

A few days later a friend gave me a Target giftcard.... so you know I went straight to target for more goodies! Thankfully the rush of it all has worn off and I no longer go to target once a day to walk down the baby aisles. ;)

I've been searching for gender neutral things for baby and it has been a challenge.  I'm sorry, but I don't want every sleeper to be yellow! hahaha 

My friend Victoria (go look at her shop!) made these announcement onesies for me and I am obsessed!!!!!! We used the #adoptionrocks to tell most of my family and the KD onesie to tell my sister.  It isn't super obvious in the video, but I surprised her at the KD house at Ole Miss.  I had given a sorority sister of hers (love you Grace!) a box with a note about our adoption and the onesie in it.  She had no idea I was even in Oxford! It was such a sweet day.  My favorite announcement for sure!

Telling my parents was pretty fun too! 

We filled out our first stack of paperwork!  We are still waiting to hear back from FAC, but we are praying our application is approved and that we get to move forward in the process with them!

I sent this to Victoria one day... life post decision to adopt... house comes second to baby runs to Target! hahahaha 

We found the sweetest Jenny Lind at Bargain Hunt for under $100!  It was so great to get this in the nursery and really start planning out this room!  We'll need to have it ready by the time we're home study approved so I'm hoping to have it finished by early this summer!

We moved the chair in here permanently, but the table is just here until we find what we want!  I knew that I wanted to move my quiet time in the nursery and it has been so sweet.  Since I don't get to feel our baby's kicks and see him/her grow, I really wanted a space where I felt like I was "connecting" to our baby.  I might not be able to see my belly grow with our babe, but my heart is growing 10X its size.  

I went to a consignment sale with my friend Austin and walked away with a few goodies!  I've learned that I can usually get away with finding things I like in the boy section that could easily be used for a girl, too.  I love simple neutrals!  I think Baby is on his/her way to a minimalist, capsule wardrobe. hahahaha 

Last January Tyler found these shoes on clearance and bought them to hide in his car until I told him I was pregnant.  Last week he comes in with them and the biggest smile on his face.  We have come to really love Marvel movies and even though these are so obnoxious I cannot help but love them so much. Haha! I keep dreaming of a tiny little girl in leggings and a chambray shirt rocking these Reeboks.  Heart eyes! #hipsterbabycole

One afternoon last week Tyler was doing some work and I walked by to see this.  Cannot wait until he's in there with our babe!  He is going to be the best daddy.

 I just can't even believe I get to share this with y'all.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! This baby sure is loved already.  PS if you haven't bought a shirt, I would LOVE for you to help fund our adoption all while wearing a cute tee!  We are only a handful of shirts away from being 3/4 of the way to our goal.  Go buy one HERE!

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