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Adoption FAQ + How You Can Support Us

Y'all, I can't explain to you how incredible it was for us to have so many people love us, encourage us, and celebrate with us yesterday. (Here is our announcement video if you missed it!  The Lord continues to blow me away with His faithfulness and it is our deepest desire for every step of this journey to point back to Him in worship.  He is a good, good Father. 

Today I wanted to give y'all some more details about the adoption, ways you can encourage us, and our first fundraising opportunity! Truly, I couldn't be more grateful for how y'all have already supported us in this decision to pursue adoption.  We are thankful that you get to walk this road with us!

I'll be updating some of the pages in the next few days, but you'll be able to find up to date adoption information on our adoption page here on the website!  Click here and you'll see all our pages we have set up, or you can just click the "adoption" tab at the top of this page. 

Here are some FAQ that will give you a little glimpse into our journey.

"Adoption!  International or domestic?"

Domestic!  We are pursuing a domestic adoption through Faithful Adoption Consultants (FAC).  They are a consulting group out of Atlanta, Georgia.  They love Jesus, and from what I've heard, are so incredible to work with.  They will take our home study and our profile book and share it with agencies across the country.  Because they have so many connections with agencies, their match time is quick.  We are hoping to be home study ready sometime this summer and it is very likely that we could be matched (possibly have a baby at home!) by the end of the year!

"Are you adopting a newborn?"

Yes!  We will be able to go to the hospital (wherever that may be!) to pick up our sweet babe.  I'm already thinking about what a bittersweet time that will be for us as we are so excited to take home our babe, but equally heartbroken for our birth family.  We pray for them daily!

"Will you know the birth family?"

We desire an open adoption.  We think this is such a good opportunity to love another family and to truly include them in our child's life.  We trust the Lord's plan in this, but we do desire to love and have a relationship with our birth mama.  My heart has grown 10x its normal size with love for her.  I truly can't even explain how I already feel for this mama.

"Will you get a boy or a girl?"

We are open to any gender and any race.  We are thrilled to see what the Lord's will is for our family and can't wait to meet this babe!

"How far along are you in the process?"

The beginning!  We've just submitted our application to FAC and we'll wait a few weeks to hear if we are approved.  After our approval (Lord willing!) we will move into the home study process and everything move right along from there! 

We really are so excited for this journey and to see what all the Lord does in us and through us.  It is going to be hard, challenging, and emotional.  I know, without a doubt, that we'll need a lot of encouragement and support.  Our community will be more important now than ever before.  Through our fertility struggles, I talked to a lot of friends who just didn't understand what we were going through.  Often times, people said hurtful things without realizing they were hurtful.  I loved getting emails from gals telling me how thankful they were for my honesty so that they could better love their family member or friend that was also struggling.  I hope that through this journey we can shed some light on the process and really help people understand what is encouraging vs. what isn't.  Here are a few examples of ways you can encourage us right now!

Celebrate with us!

Just like any first time pregnant couples, we are first time parents!  Yes, our process will look a lot different than a pregnant couple, but we are just as excited about this adoption as we would be over a pregnancy.  We want you to celebrate with us and enjoy this season of waiting for our baby!

Don't tell us "As soon as you adopt, you'll get pregnant!"

Our ears hear, "Adopting a baby will be great... but having a biological baby is the prize!" We totally understand that this isn't what you mean when you make this comment (I certainly hope not!), but it is no less hurtful.  We are SO EXCITED about this baby that is coming via adoption.  This has been God's "plan A" all along, it just took us a while to figure that out.  While we know that pregnancy after adoption happens, that is in no way affecting our decision to adopt.  We are adopting because this is what the Lord desires of us and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to adopt!  This baby will be just as much our baby as a baby that would grow in my womb.  Instead of making this comment, refer to the suggestion above. ;)

Pray for us and our birth family!

This is so so so important to us.  We covet your prayers as we walk through our home study, waiting to be matched, waiting for the birth of our baby, and waiting to take our baby home.  I know we're in for some challenging days and having people on their faces before the Father on our behalf is the best gift that we could ever receive.  Not only that, but prayers for our birth family.  I have no idea what kinds of situations our birth mama and her family are going through, but I know this won't be easy.  Pray for their hearts, specifically our birth mama, as she chooses life for her baby.

Spread the word!

The more people that know about our adoption, the more opportunities we'll have to fundraise to get this baby home!  Adoption is costly, but we are trusting that the Lord will provide.  We would be humbled if you shared our story with people that you know. 

Join #babycolesvillage!

We want you to feel like you are truly apart of our journey.  Every donation, every dollar, every prayer, every encouraging text, every hug MATTERS.  We want you to feel like you are part of our community when you pray for us, love on us, and support us financially.  Ask us questions!  We would love for you to be involved in this process.  PS.  Anytime you post on social media about one of our fundraisers (or if you just want to encourage us!) tag #babycolesvillage.  They say "it takes a village to raise a baby" and we want our baby to know that YOU were part of his/her village!  


Our very first fundraiser launches today!  Thanks to the amazing Fund the Nations, we have two adorable shirts for sale!

The "coffee & donuts & netflix & Saturdays" shirt (Lettered by one of my sweetest friends, Lindsay!!) comes in a soft pink and gray.  THEY ARE SO COMFY and you could style these a million different ways!  Love!

The "courageous" shirt is perfect for gals AND guys.  I truly love this one so much.  It is the same soft material and I'll definitely be alternating wearing all three of these throughout the week! Ha!


-This is a PRE ORDER so that means it'll take a few weeks to collect orders, print shirts, and ship!

-the fundraiser starts today and will run through 12pm CST on 3/23.  That is only TWO weeks!  So basically if you want to buy a shirt, buy one today. ;)

-We will ONLY be selling them through the etsy listing HERE (Donuts shirt) and HERE (courageous shirt).  This will be the easiest way for us to keep up with orders.  We want to make sure each of you get your shirts!

-the shirts run a tiny bit more fitted than a regular tee.  If you're in between sizes or nervous about it being too small, order a size up! 

-Orders will ship sometime at the beginning of April.  I'll keep you posted!

We would LOVE if you would share about our fundraiser!  We are really believing that the Lord will provide mightily through this fundraiser and we're excited to see Him work!  Feel free to share this blog post or our etsy shop.  THANK YOU for helping us bring our baby home!!!!!!!



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