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Big things are coming | adoption update

You know that time I started a new blog and had all the dreams that I would, you know.... actually use it?  [enter all crying laughing emojis here] I've got a full month of posts stored in my little brain but somehow they never end up here. Weird. ;)

I REALLY AM planning on getting some actual content out here next week (goals! dreams! photos!) but until then I wanted to give you a quick update on where we are in the adoption process!  

We've been hard at work on ALL THE PAPERWORK.  I know we've at LEAST killed 568953 trees in the rainforest because we've signed our name, written our story, and shared every single detail of our lives a million times over.  It's been an emotionally and spiritually taxing experience, but that is another post for another day. We really are nearing the end of our paperwork and that feels so so good.  We have our home study coming up, our profile book is currently in the process of being shipped to us (can't wait for you to see!), and nursery details are coming together (can't wait for you to see this too!).  THIS IS GETTING REAL!


With all that we have going on, we still have one major part of this thing yet to defeat.  Fundraising.  We have a huge, I mean FREAKING HUGE, fundraiser coming in June and we are praying our little hearts out that Jesus will provide through this next big thing.  I'm not ready to spill the beans just yet, but y'all, we truly will need a village to make this happen.  It sounds like a straight CRAZY idea, but we know the Lord can provide through this and we are praying expectantly.  

Are you itching to know??? You will have to wait until next Wednesday. ;)  If you want to be the very FIRST to know about what we've been working on, sign up for our newsletter!  If you scroll right below my instagram feed on this page you'll see a little submission form.  We would love if you would fill that out and join our newsletter!  You joining the newsletter is already helping us to reach this next big goal.  So make my day and submit your email address!  I promise we won't send you annoying emails daily, only weekly. Ha!  We'll use this newsletter to share summaries from the blog that week (HAHAHA- this will happen one day!), the latest adoption updates, and occasional freebie downloads!  I'll also share some content that you won't see anywhere else, so if you want some extra "Nicole" in your life, sign up!!!


We are so grateful for you, your support, and the way you've loved us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Now... go submit your email! 

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