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June Goals


I truly am in disbelief that's it's actually JUNE. This year is almost halfway over and that just blows my mind. This month is a full month.  We just got back into town from North Carolina where we had the incredible privilege of filming the Trouvaille Workshop and we're gearing up for our first of four wedding weekends in June.  Add in a few photo shoots, parties, and adoption stuff and we've got ourselves a full plate!  Our lives have changed drastically since the end of 2015.  My heart is in a different place, we're in the thick of adoption, and the Lord has just done a lot of work.  As I look back on my goals for the year, some things will stay the same and some things will change.  Overall I'm just excited to START OVER and make the second half of the year intentional.  I want to encourage you to re-do your goals if you feel like that's what needs to be done.  It's okay to change your mind!  Decide now what an intentional 2016 looks like to you.  And do it.  This month I'm focusing on rest.  Real, true, biblical rest.  I feel like "rest" is often interchanged with "lazy" and I want to make a distinct difference this month.  Rest doesn't mean taking a nap on the couch, although I do hope to add in a few naps this month! Ha!  Rest is about choosing to seek the Lord and rest in His presence in the midst of the daily work.  For me, rest will be choosing to be quiet and to abide in the Word even when I have a million things to edit.  Rest will be choosing to say no to social media for a day so that I can spend focused time with Tyler.  Rest will be choosing to say NO.  Because sometimes you just need to say no in order to say yes to what is most important.  This month I want to rest.  I want to choose contentment in our season and know that each and every day has purpose.  The days when I have a full plate and the days when I have an empty plate.  Both are full of purpose and I can rest in the goodness of Jesus either way. 


June goals:  Rest!


That feels SO GOOD to say. 


Now that it is June, our 30K in 30 Days fundraiser has officially begun!  We're already off to an amazing start and I would love if you would share our gofundme page with your friends and family! Will you help us to reach our $30,000 goal?? 

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30K in 30 Days!