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Friday No. 2

Between the holiday, announcing our pregnancy, and having an activity every night this week, Friday got here FAST!  AND today marks three days that I've posted this week, so I'll call that a win!  I'm excited to jump back into this space and share more about what the Lord is doing in my life and in our family.  Here's a little round-up of some pregnancy questions we've been asked lately!

1. "How far along are you?"  

I am coming up on 13 weeks this weekend!  Our official due date as of now is January 15,2017! We found out at 5.5 weeks, started to tell our close friends shortly after, told family at 10 weeks, and announced to you after our 12 week appointment.  We heard baby's heart beating strong and steady.  I cry through every single appointment! I'm just so humbled that I get to grow this baby. 

2.  "How are you feeling?" 

morning sickness became all day sickness, but I started taking some meds at 8 weeks and it's helped so much!  Most days I'm just nauseous most of the day instead of vomiting, which is a win for me! I've also been extremely tired and naps are my new best friend.  Tyler laughs because I've always been a non-napper.  And now I nap every chance I get! Ha!  Each symptom has been so sweet.  I'm incredibly thankful for the sickness as it reminds me daily that I have the privilege of growing this life.  I've struggled a little with anxiety (a post for another day) through these weeks and the sickness always gives me hope that there's really a baby growing in there.  

3.  "Will you find out the gender?"

Yes!  With all the changes coming to our family, we feel like the more we can prepare... the better!  Ha!  We should find out early August, and we promise we'll share the news as quickly as we can. ;) I STRONGLY feel like this baby is a boy.  As in, I have ZERO doubt it's a boy.  I'm so interested to see if my Mama instinct is right!  I truly feel like our bio AND adopted baby are boys.  There have been several times I've been talking to someone about the babies and said "the boys".  I can't wait to know what the Lord has planned for our family!

Photo Jun 03.jpeg

4. "have y'all picked out names?"

We have picked out names!  We were pretty set on names for our adopted baby, but adding a second one changed a few things!  We really wanted their names to sound good together, so we've finally come up with a few combos we like.  We'll probably share a name once we know gender!  However, we won't share any information about our adopted baby (race, gender, name, etc) until we are home with him/her!  It'll be the sweetest surprise for our family and friends!

our baby this week via the Sprout app!

5. "What are your favorite resources?"

Okay, no one has asked me this.  Haha!  I just wanted to share a few things I've been loving.  :)  The Sprout app is amazing!  It gives you a 4D view of baby at each week and you can even hear the heartbeat!  Obviously it's not OUR baby's heartbeat, but it still encourages me each time I hear it!  Ha!  Another app I love is Ovia Pregnancy.  It has lots of good, random information and updates on baby's growth.  I just ordered a pregnancy journal from Val Marie Paper and I cannot wait for it to come in.  I know it'll be an incredible resource!  

We really are so humbled and excited to be able to walk through this pregnancy.  Every day is a gift and we are so thankful. 


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