Hi. I'm Nicole!

Wife.  Mama to two busy toddler babes. Photographer.  Trying to seek Jesus each day, through each season.  So glad you're here!

Our Adoption Profile Book

When it came time to start on our profile book, I was totally overwhelmed.  I wasn't loving the look of many I was seeing.  I wanted our to be really simple, straightforward, and representative of us.  No "scrapbook" look for us, please!  FAC is also really detailed in how they want your profile book to look, so I had a pretty narrow design road to walk.  I downloaded a free trial of Adobe InDesign and was on a time crunch to finish it within 30 days before I had to pay for the app! Ha!  After I got started, it really started to flow easily.  I'm excited to give you a little peek!

A few things about our book:

-I tried to keep the wording very simple.  These mamas are reading several books at a time, and I didn't want to overwhelm them with too much text.  So I made the text big and easy to read with a good bit of white space to hopefully help them not be so overwhelmed when looking at it. 

-I switched between sharing lots of photos on some pages, and just a few on others.  Again, I wanted this to be easy for mamas to read!  

-The "our legacy" page is my favorite page in the whole book.  We basically stated our mission as a family and how we want to raise our babies.  This is a page I pray that the Lord will use with our birth mama to give her peace over how we will love and parent her child. 

-Our letter to her was a really important aspect and something that took the most time.  We wanted it to be clear that we aren't just in this for her baby- we're in this for her too.  We wanted her to know how much we care for her and how we will honor her with our words.  I pray that she feels the love of Jesus through our words!

-I made this with a 30 day trial of Adobe Indesign and we printed through Blurb Books in the magazine style.  FAC needed lots of copies of our book, so it was 100% the most cost effective way to print multiple copies!

-If you're entering the world of adoption and are starting your own profile book, I encourage you to make it about YOU!  Don't be overwhelmed with what others have in their books, but make sure it 100% represents you.  I love our book and I'm so happy with how it turned out, but our approach won't be for everyone.  YOU DO YOU,GIRL.  The birth mama the Lord has picked out for you will love you.

Our Nursery Reveal!

"Yes" and "Amen"