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31 Days of Exploring the Attributes of God

31 Days of Exploring the Attributes of God

photo by Nancy Ray

I’m really excited to jump back into blogging and the Write 31 Days challenge.  I had been throwing around ideas for months, trying to decide what I wanted to write about.  After our recent failed match, my friend Victoria sent me a list of the attributes of God and encouraged me to dig into them as we returned home.  I was so unsure of where to turn in scripture and I know the Holy Spirit prompted Victoria to send me that list because it has been exactly what I’ve needed in our time of uncertainty and grief.  Focusing on who God is instead of our circumstances has been crucial to approaching this season with gratitude and thankfulness.  Do I wish that we were that sweet boy’s parents?  Yes.  Do I grieve over the life that we won’t get with him?  Yes.  Do I miss him, this little boy who will never be in our family?  Yes.  But, is Jesus greater than all of these hurts?  YES.  The Lord is using this season to sanctify me and I’m glad.  I’m glad to be in a position where Jesus is stripping away ugly, sinful parts of my heart.  I’m glad that as we move forward with adoption that the Lord is teaching me to truly lean into Him and trust Him, even when I’m terrified.  He is good.  I’m so excited to dig into 20 different attributes of God and I pray that as I do so that the Lord would bury these truths deep in my heart and in yours, too.  I would love for you to interact with me this month, so please feel free to start a conversation in the comments!  Let’s lean in together this month.  

Here’s a little look at how this month will go.  I’ll post a new attribute Monday-Friday.  I’ll include some scriptures for us to think about along with some thoughts on what the Lord has spoken to me during my times of study (I’m currently studying through each one in my quiet time each day).  On Saturdays I’ll post a song or two that goes along with some of the attributes we’ve looked at that week and on Sunday I’ll start our week off with a verse to reflect on.  I hope that you’ll join me this month and I’m excited to learn alongside of you! 

Before I wrap up for today I just wanted to say thank you for the way that you have encouraged us, prayed for us, and supported us as we’ve experienced our failed match.  The pain has been deep, but Jesus has been so good to us in the midst of our hurt.  We ask that you would continue to pray for us as we are still pursuing a placement before our Crawford girl comes.  Pray for our birth mama, whoever she is, that she would have peace over choosing us.  Pray for us that we would love her well and that the Lord would give us the strength to trust Him and continue to say “yes” even when we’re terrified.  We deal with the fear of another failed matched every day, but we trust that the Lord will continue to be near to us no matter if we experience more failed matches or get to bring a babe home.  Please pray for the babe that will be ours.  Pray for his/her protection as they grow!  Pray for us that we would have peace over whatever the Lord’s plan is.  We’re thankful for you and grateful for you how intercede for us!  

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