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Campbell | two months


Adventures in month two:  

-you celebrated the holiday season!  

-you visited with lots of family and friends 

-you went to church for the first time!  

-we finally figured out how to help your hurting tummy and switched your formula

-you smiled for the first time! 


Month two was so big for you! We celebrated Thanksgiving at home and it was one of my favorite days! We watched the parade and you saw santa for the first time at the end. Unfortunately that was your only time to see Santa this year, but you'll get to meet him with Crawford next year! We made our yummy turkey again and we are officially the turkey makers from here on out. I can't wait until you're helping us prep in the kitchen in the years to come! We started holiday traditions with you and it just made my heart so full. Life with you is just so much fun! Your poor tummy still gave you some problems so we went to the doctor and eventually switched your formula and life got so much better for you! You got to go to church for the first time which was so so special for us. I've waited a long time to take our baby to church and it was really sweet to celebrate with our church family. I'll never forget standing in the very back with you in your solly wrap and just crying as we sang. The faithfulness of Jesus is just so evident by your life, my sweet son. We got to do so many fun holiday things this month and it was so much fun for you to "meet" some of your friends! You were around 8-9 pounds this month and started to fit into your newborn clothes and your Christmas pajamas we borrowed from Aunt Jamie fit you PERFECTLY and it was so much fun for me! Your Mama had a hard month of pregnancy with your sister, but you made the days so sweet. You even went to a few doctors appointments with me and all the ladies in the office love you! I tried to do some fun things with you so that I would always have memories of you as our only. We went on several dates and you "took me to lunch" and were always so sweet! Maybe one day you won't fall asleep on our dates. :) You worked with me a few days and did so well in your Solly Wrap and I finished up some editing. This month you smiled for the first time while I was out of the house, but your daddy caught it on camera and I'm so glad! Since then you've started smiling more and more and it melts me. Your mama is wrecked by you! This month you took your first "big boy" bath with me and loved it so much. You love being able to stretch out and kick! I can't wait to see what all you get into as you get older. You'll be an active boy for sure! You ended month two right before Christmas and we started to celebrate with all our family. You made the holidays so so sweet for us this year. Each day gets better, sweet boy. 

I love you so, 


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