Hi. I'm Nicole!

Wife.  Mama to two busy toddler babes.  Trying to seek Jesus each day, through each season.  So glad you're here!

Campbell | three months


Adventures in month three: 

-you celebrated your first Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year!  

-Jamie, Adam, and Shep came to visit you! 

-you started smiling and "talking" up a storm  

-you started to sleep through the night  

-you can hold your head up for a long time in tummy time!  

-you discovered your fist and hold your left hand in the air all day

-your Mama and Daddy spent 3 nights away from you when sister was born and your Honey stayed with you!  

-you became a big brother! 


My Campbell boy, 

This has been my favorite month so far (I have a feeling I'll probably say this every month!) and you are just a JOY. Some days I miss your tiny little 4 pound self but most days I just love the routine we've created. I love that we both know your schedule and what makes you happy. I feel like we're finally starting to figure you out... and I know soon there will be even more things to learn. :) Being your parents keeps us on our toes, little boy! We celebrated your first Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and it was so so fun. You got so many sweet gifts and it was so special to have you be there for all our family traditions. Christmas morning we opened a few gifts and then we celebrated at church with our faith family!! You'll come to love these people so dearly. They will be just like family to you and I love that! We celebrated the new year and just a few days later celebrated you becoming a big brother! Crawford was born and joined in on all our fun. You did an amazing job staying with your Honey for a few days and you were such an easy baby when you came to visit us at the hospital! You've kept with your routine since Crawford has been born and you've helped make this transition so much easier than anticipated. Your mama still cries sometimes because it's hard learning how to love and care for two babies at once, but your sweet smile and constant baby talk brings such joy to our days! You still love to take a bath with your mama and you talk up a storm when your daddy comes home from work each night! You discovered your fist recently and you hold it high in the air 90% of the day. You look like a tiny fighter! Ha! You have the most expressive eyebrows and "talk" to us ALL day long!  Your smile and conversations sure do make my days extra sweet! You weigh about 10-11 pounds and REALLY grew this month. You are in mostly 0-3 month clothes and 3 month outfits are just a tiny bit loose! This month you had your two month shots (a little late!) and you were SUCH a sad boy after and it broke our hearts. We don't like to see you feeling crummy! Your little personality has grown so much this month and it makes me think of your First Mama often. Are you like her? Did she talk like crazy when she was a baby? We sure do love your First Mama and we are so grateful she gave us the most amazing gift... you. We pray each night that you would come to know Jesus as a little boy and I pray that the Lord would use your unique story to always remind you of His great love. We sure do love you, Campy! 

I love you so, 


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