Friday No. 6

1.  A few weeks ago Tyler was able to work on a project with our pastor to share our building plans and the heart behind the ministries that will take place in our building!  We've been attending a church plant for almost six years in a local middle school.  This year we paid off our land and we're heading towards constructing a building and it makes me so excited and emotional for us to have a "home" one day.  So grateful for the work God is doing! 


2.  Tyler and I have started a Jen Wilken study this week and it's SO GOOD already!  From her podcast I found workbook pages that guide you through her studies of different books of the bible and right now we are doing 1, 2, and 3 John.  I love that she's not spoon-feeding the answers to us, but really helping us understand the bible and how to read it to understand scripture more.  I think we will be in these three book for about 11 weeks and I'm excited to share some of what I learn! I sent the workbook to our local UPS and had it printed, so easy! You can find her 123 John podcast and workbook here

3.  One of my favorite bow shops, For My Annakate, is doing a fundraiser for an adopting family tomorrow!  She will have these sweet holiday bows available and I cannot wait for Crawford to have a few!  


4.  If you aren't following Risen Motherhood on instagram, you should! They share some really great resources and lately they've been killing it on their book recommendations.  My amazon wishlist will be full soon of lots of sweet books for the Cole Kiddies! Here's a link to some of their advent recommendations!

5.  On Monday my sweet friend Victoria will be sharing her heart of hosting and I'm so excited to share it with you!  I love learning from this friend and I think you'll walk away encouraged.  It is my goal to host someone on the blog every month who will challenge you + encourage you on different topics and I'm so excited about what is to come in the next few months!


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