Friday No. 7

1. Thanksgiving was SO MUCH FUN. It was probably my favorite Thanksgiving celebration ever! It was chilly, but not freezing so we threw some tables outside so everyone could eat together and it was really sweet. I’m a huge believer in a few small details making a big impact. Cheap grocery store flowers and a box of votives really can help set a sweet mood. It was a really laid back day with family and it’s one of my most favorite holidays! Making a turkey just gives me life and I love it SO much! Ha! So much to be thankful for!  



2. Last night we carried on the tradition of putting up the tree and giving the kids their first gift! I wrapped up a pair of Christmas pajamas and two Christmas books (from our Star from Afar kit and The Giving Manger) and we let them put their ornaments on the tree! Little traditions like this are so sweet to me. Thinking about adding more babies and watching these two get big and help with the tree just makes my heart hurt in the best way!  



3. Do I have any friends Black Friday shopping today?? It’s not something I usually take part in, but I have been looking around online at some things! Last night I snagged a turban for Crawford just like the one she wore in the hospital and for newborn photos. I’m so excited for her to have one again!  

4. Y’all I’m SO EXCITED to decorate for Christmas this weekend! A couple of weeks ago I painted a small wall in our living room/entry way with chalkboard paint and I’m excited to string up my advent cards!  



5. I mentioned it in last week’s post about daily rhythms so I wanted to make a quick note about it here. I read Emily Ley’s new book and I really enjoyed the practical advice (many things I’m going to implement!) but the simplifying faith chapter is not something I can endorse. The approach to faith is not what I believe to be true about what our walks with Christ should look, so I would totally skip that last chapter if you decide to read. An amazing book about walking with Jesus that is practical is Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word! Highly recommend! 

Today we are doing some fun things to get us in the Christmas spirit and I’m so so excited for fun memories with my little fam of four.  I hope each of you had a sweet Thanksgiving with the people you love!