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Friday No. 5

Friday No. 5

October was quite a month for us and I'm honestly so excited for November and hopefully a little breathing room. I have a handful of mini sessions Saturday morning, a shoot for Andrea's cookbook Sunday afternoon, and I'm going to add in a few hours of rest somewhere in there! Back in the summer I started a weekly series (that was obviously short lived. Ha!) Emily Ley style where I shared 10 things on Friday. 10 things is a lot, y'all!! Ha! So I'm following Victoria's lead and sharing 5 things instead! 

1. The Give Me Jesus journal is on sale next week!  


Well Watered Women's give me Jesus journal is one of my absolute favorite quiet time resources and they've been working to re-do it this year and I think this will be the best release yet! It's going to have a hard cover, tabs, and I think they've redesigned a lot of the pages. If you're looking for a journal to help you organize your notes from bible reading, this is an amazing resource! It comes out next Wednesday, but join their e-mail list. Gretchen usually sends out a coupon code before they release! 

2. I recently listened to Jen Wilken's book Women of the Word and it's really shifting the way I look at studying the Bible. I follow her podcast Flower Mound Women's Bible Study and even though it hasn't been updated in a long time, she has lots of past study material there. Each podcast series is a book of the Bible and you can download and print the workbook material that helps guide your study of scripture for the week. She has several books on there, but I'm not sure which I'm going to do yet! 

3. Speaking of listening to books... you NEED the Hoopla app! I take the babes to the library recently and before a trip a few weeks ago I looked online to see if I could reserve a book and I noticed they had the audio version via the Hoopla app. If your library is on the list, you have access to HUNDREDS of audio books and e-books to borrow! This has been one of my most favorite things over the past several months. I love being able to listen to something instead of always having the TV on and my friend Katie uses it with her kids to listen to fun books together!  

4.  Are you an adopting family? 


Please go check out Fund the Nations post about FUNDING YOUR ENTIRE ADOPTION!!!!! We used them for our shirt fundraisers and raised a huge chunk of our adoption costs and they are selling a shirt this month and allllll the proceeds could go towards YOUR adoption!  I'm going to be sharing about this in instagram over the weekend, so share with your adopting friends! 

5.   I started blogging a little over 7 years ago and writing and sharing has always been a love of mine, but this little space has taken a back seat for a long time.  I desire to intentionally use this space to encourage you, teach you, and just share our lives with you!  Because I feel a little rusty and unsure of my audience here, I would love for you to fill out this little form for me so that I can have an idea of what content serves you the best.  It won't be completely anonymous because I'll need your email in case you win the giftcard!  But don't worry, no judgement for your answers! I'll leave it open through Tuesday of next week and a winner will be notified via email!  (winner was chosen.  Thank you for taking time to enter!  If you're showing up late to the giveaway, would still love your input!)

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