Hi. I'm Nicole!

Wife.  Mama to two busy toddler babes.  Trying to seek Jesus each day, through each season.  So glad you're here!

Campbell | four months

Adventures in your fourth month:

-You stayed with two friends while Mama and sister went to a few doctor's appointments

-you really found your voice and learned how to scream just for fun!

-you started to get a lot more confident in tummy time and you can lay on your tummy for a long time without your head bobbing everywhere!

-You stayed in the church nursery for the first time 

-You really started to love a favorite toy and want to hold your lovie all the time

-the Magic School Bus theme song makes you smile and laugh!

-You celebrated your first Valentine's Day!

-you went to your first birthday party- your friend Cooper turned one!

-You went to the zoo for the first time with friends!

My sweet Campbell,

You grow bigger every single day!  I can't believe all the new things you do and discover every day.  It is so much fun to see you growing and learning new things, but it also feels like my tiny baby slips away with each new milestone and I just want to keep you my itty bitty boy for the rest of time.  We haven't been to the doctor yet, but I'm thinking you're somewhere between 13-15 pounds.  We moved up to size 2 diapers this month and you're still in a lot of 0-3 month clothes which makes my heart happy.  :)  Your 3 month sleepers are starting to fit a lot better and aren't as roomy in the feet, but I think you'll be in your 0-3 month pants for a while!  This month I put you in your first t-shirt and my mama heart melted.  You looked like such a big, sweet boy! You smile and laugh all the time now and it's so fun to watch you get excited.  I especially love when your daddy comes home at the end of the day!  You love when he talks and plays with you.  You really love your bedtime feeding with him because he's always silly and making you giggle. :) This month you went to church for the first time since Crawford was born!  Your daddy took you and you stayed in the nursery.  Your Aunt Meg kept you for your first day in the nursery! Our other big adventure for the month was going to the zoo!  You did such a great job and loved looking around at everything.  You're definitely my observant boy! You've gotten so good at tummy time and I think you'll be rolling over soon!  You always have your colorful "winkle" toy with you and you grab onto your puppy lovie whenever you're awake.  It is so sweet seeing you start to have preferences!  You still LOVE to take baths with your mama, you drink every drop of each bottle, and you love your sleep.  You've started talking to yourself before you go to sleep and you wake up happy and talking most mornings!  You are the sweetest boy and everyday with you is a joy.  I'm so thankful to be your mama.  

I love you so, 


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