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Crawford | two months

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Adventures in your second month:

-You went to the zoo for the first time

-We went to church for the first time as a family of four

-You celebrated your first Valentine's Day with a date to Chick-fil-a

-You went to your friend Cooper's birthday party

-You started smiling on purpose!

-You started "talking" to us a little bit 

Crawford girl, 

I can't believe you are two months old!  This month you've changed so much and your little personality is coming out more and more and I just can't get enough of you.  I'm guessing you're right around 10 pounds, but we'll go to the doctor tomorrow to find out at your two month (and brother's four month!) checkup.  You've moved up to size 1 diapers even though they are a little bit roomy!  Your newborn sleepers are starting to get a little tight but you're still too small to fit into your 0-3 month sleepers.  It looks like we'll be wearing some loose clothes for a few weeks! You are eating four ounces every 3 hours and you aren't as slow of an eater as you used to be.  You're staying awake in feedings and drinking every drop!  You're giving your mama and daddy some rest at night by sleeping from 8:15-4ish and it's been heavenly!  I think you'll be sleeping until 6-7 soon and that's mama's ultimate goal!  You sleep swaddled at night but you're not loving that for naps during the day.  You usually take a nap in your bed, but a lot of times you like to nap in your mamaroo or in your dockatot right next to me.  One thing is for sure... you like to be close to your mama!  We've learned that you are the cuddle queen.  You LOVE to hold your lovie all day long and you want to have a blanket right next to your face when you sleep.  I let you get all cozy when you nap next to me and I love to watch you snuggle!  You are such a gentle, sweet little girl and I love seeing your feminine qualities come out.  You wreck my heart, Crawford girl.  You still really enjoy taking a warm bath with your mama but you're not a fan of getting out of the bath and being cold!  You have the biggest pout when you're crying and, I'm sorry sweet girl, but it makes me laugh almost every time!  I promise I don't laugh when you're really hurting... only when you're being dramatic.  :)  I think my most favorite time of day with you is right after we put your brother down for the night we get a few more minutes of cuddles with you.  That's when you really start talking to your daddy and you give us some sweet smiles.  You smile more and more everyday and I love it when you get happy and excited!  It is so much fun to watch you learn and grow.  You've done some fun things this month like visit the zoo and attend church for the first time and you've done great with every single outing!  The fact that you LOVE your paci helps... I can pop it right in anytime you get upset!  You are such a sweet, dainty girl and I love being your mama.  CG, you're the sweetest addition to our family and I can't imagine life without you!

Love you big, 


Campbell | five months

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