Hi. I'm Nicole!

Wife.  Mama to two busy toddler babes.  Trying to seek Jesus each day, through each season.  So glad you're here!

Campbell | six months

Adventures in your sixth month:

-We visited the Dixon for photos

-You started eating lots of baby food!

-You roll over

-You can sit up with help

-You've napped without your dockatot 

-We visited Daddy downtown for food trucks in the park 

-You celebrated your first Easter!

-We went to IKEA with Honey

My sweet boy, 

You are six months old today.  Half of a whole year!  These months have flown by and everyday gets more fun with you.  This has probably been my most favorite month so far.  Your personality is really starting to shine and it's hilarious and sweet getting a taste of the little boy you are becoming.  You have such a loud, vibrant personality.  You have this happy scream that I hear the majority of the day.  You laugh and smile constantly and you're generally the happiest boy!  You don't love being tired and that's usually when you cry.  And when you cry... there are not levels.  There's just full on MELTDOWN.  You feel things deeply, both happy and sad.  Your emotions are big and I cannot wait to see how that makes you into the sweetest boy as you live life fully.  You're still on the smaller side as you fit into 0-3 month and 3 month pants.  Your pajamas are still mostly 3 month, but you're in 3-6 month too.  I need to get you a few more 6 month pair so we can start to wear those!  You've definitely put on some weight since you've started eating more and you LOVE to eat!  So far you've tried squash, pears, sweet potatoes, apples, avocado, banana, peas, and green beans.  You don't love peas and you're still a little iffy on green beans but we'll keep trying!  You've started reaching for the spoon and love trying to feed yourself.  On the eve of your six month birthday we started trying some baby led weaning and you had some sweet potato chunks.  You picked them up, squished them in your hands, and even brought them to your mouth a few times!  I think you'll love it when you realize exactly what it is.  :)  Overall you're still a great sleeper for us.  You've been waking up early for some reason but you just talk in your bed so sweetly and usually end up going back to sleep for a little while before our day starts at 7.  Mama is adamant that we aren't starting our day before 7 so you figure out this waking up early thing, bud!! You've started to notice your sister a little more and it's so fun when you look at each other and talk.  I can't wait for you two to be friends! Your laugh is my favorite and I love it when you crinkle your nose when you really get tickled.  If we're in a bind and you're fussy I can always turn on Frozen and you immediately stop crying.  I think you're going to LOVE musicals as you get older!  Music always seems to make you happy... especially when we sing the wheels on the bus!  For a few months you wouldn't nap on us and only wanted your bed.  But this month you've been so much more snuggly and you've even taken a few naps on us!  The best ever.  I can't believe that you've been here six whole months.  You've changed me, sweet boy, and I'll never be the same.  I'm forever your mama and you're forever my Campy boy. 

I love you so,


Crawford | four months

Crawford | three months