Hi. I'm Nicole!

Wife.  Mama to two busy toddler babes.  Trying to seek Jesus each day, through each season.  So glad you're here!

Crawford | three months

Adventures in your third month:

-had your two month check-up

-Honey stayed with you so Mama and Daddy could celebrate their anniversary

-Celebrated Honey's 50th Birthday 

-Had several fun days with friends!

-Took photos at the Dixon

-Starting sitting in your sit me up floor seat

Crawford girl, 

You are getting so big and so sweet!  I just love learning more about you every single day.  I love having Mama + Crawford time and I know it'll only get more precious.  We started out this month at the doctor for your two month check-up and shots.  You weighed about 10 pounds and did so good for shots.  You only cried for just a second!  A few days later your Honey came and stayed with you and your brother so your Daddy and I could go on an overnight date.  It was our first night away from each other but you did great!  You started sleeping through the night this month and you really are a great sleeper.  We swaddle you up and you're straight to sleep!  You still love your paci and you ALWAYS want to be snuggling something.  Your lovie is your favorite thing and you love having a blanket over your face when you're sleepy.  If you're fussy I can throw a swaddle over you and you immediately calm down.  I love that you're such a snuggly girl!  You're smiling more and more and I love seeing that sweet spirit of yours come out.  You're still so tiny and wearing mostly newborn clothes but moving up to 0-3 month sleepers.  Dressing you is so, so much fun!  We are just having the sweetest time learning about you, sweet girl, and I can't wait to keep watching you grow.  You're my favorite girl.  

Love you big, 


Campbell | six months

Campbell | five months