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life with two kids | getting out and about

Sometimes it still blows my mind that we have two kids.  WE HAVE TWO KIDS.  The past nine months have been the craziest of my entire life.  I’ve been stretched personally, our marriage has been stretched, and we’ve been thrown into life with two small babies all at once.  Over the past month or so I feel like I’m really starting to find my groove in this season of being their mom, a wife, taking care of a home, and working a little bit on our business.  Things are finally starting to click for me and I’ve been creating routines and systems that help me to have smoother, more fun day with my babes.  I’ve deemed this my “year of slow” and while jumping deep into this idea is a post for another day, all I’ll say is that I knew this would be a year of staying home... a lot.  I knew this would be a year when getting ready is slower, getting out takes longer, and we overall just have to do things at a slower pace.  As they’ve gotten a little bit bigger it’s gotten a little easier to get them out and about because we’re on the same feeding schedule, nap times, etc.  We upgraded to a van a couple of months ago and as soon as we did we moved them into convertible car seats and we started using our new minno twin stroller by Evenflo. This is my go-to stroller now for when we get out to hang out with friends or run quick errands!  It’s been so easy to unfold it quickly, pop them in their seats, and be on our way.  Because it’s a million degrees here in the summer, I love that I can quickly get them in and out of the stroller so that I’m not worried about them burning up during the transitions! We’ve been hanging out with the babies Honey (my mom!) a lot this summer while she’s on summer break and we went to play early one morning at the park and it was the perfect opportunity to show you our new stroller!

One of my favorite features of the minno twin is that the seat lays back!  Crawford is the sleepiest girl and seems to always want to nap on the go, so I love that I have the option to lay her seat back if she falls asleep!  (I will say when I lay the seat back the straps are kind of in her face because she’s still on the smaller side, but it doesn’t seem to really bother her and I don’t worry about her safety) I also love that while the baskets on the bottom aren’t huge, they are perfect for throwing a few things in for the babies or tossing in a few items when I’m shopping so I don’t need an extra basket.  

Evenflo has a single option, so if you don’t have two littles ones they have a similar stroller that might be a good fit for you! But if you have two, I think that this really is such a great option.  I probably wouldn’t use it until at least 6 months old just because of the strap placement, but I think it would be perfect for an older infant and a toddler!  It’s crazy how seemingly little changes have made such a difference for us like switching to convertible car seats and using our minno twin stroller!

I’m no mama pro, but here are a few things that have worked for me when it comes to making getting out easier with two infants:

-for us, we can skip that first nap if we need to.  If we are going to be really busy and the babies are going to be occupied (think the zoo or church) we can skip that 9am nap.  They usually sleep on the way to wherever we are going, but they hardly ever fuss during that nap time if they are occupied!  I would much rather miss the morning nap and get home to nap in the afternoon as usual to get back on our schedule.

-always keep the necessities in the diaper bag.  That means replenish diapers, wipes, formula, etc when you use it so that when it’s time to walk out the door you know that your diaper bag is packed!  

-have a plan for how you get in/out of the car and stroller.  Maybe this makes me sound like an insane mom, but with all the crazy people out there these days you can’t be too careful.  I always try to be really aware of my surroundings when I go in and out of stores and as I put both babies in the car.  I have a system I use to get them in quickly and safely and I love that even if they are screaming and unhappy I know exactly how I’m going to get in the car quickly and I’m not frazzled!  Find a way that makes sense to you, makes you feel comfortable, and is quick!  This has helped me so much in not feeling like getting in and out is a hassle (The ease of the minno twin has helped me SO much with this too!!)

Obviously there will be hard, new challenges as they get older and bigger, but I’m thankful that we’re finally in a season where getting out with them on my own is a little bit more simple thanks to a quick, easy stroller option.  We’ll continue to use this stroller for quick trips to the store, at church, and other outings with friends as they get bigger!  Ultimately I feel like this will be a great “on the go” stroller when we have another baby one day.  Tyler can put C+C in the minno twin and I’ll have new baby in the carrier!  This stroller is the perfect option for us to get out and about quickly and we’ve enjoyed it so much! If baby gear posts are fun for you, on Monday I’m going to have a huge post about all things baby, so come back Monday for a comprehensive list of EVERY PRODUCT we’ve loved using so far!  

We are so grateful to Evenflo for sponsoring this post and these opinions are 100% honest and completely my own!

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