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Weekly Top 10 | vol. 1

Hey, friends! (I do still have friends here, right??) I feel like it's been years since I've really used this space well, if I'm being honest. The past few weeks I took a little social media break and the Lord has really been moving in my heart and giving me direction over a lot of things. He's giving me little glimpses of what He wants to do with me in this space and I'm really excited to jump back in with you here!  


Over the past year I've really come to love Emily Ley's blog and one of my favorite features of hers is the "weekly top 10" post she does, well, weekly! Ha! I feel like there are always random things I'm loving throughout the week whether it's a podcast, sermon, song, recipe, article, etc. I think this is a perfect format to share some fun, random things with you each week! 


1. I was surprised with how much I loved this pesto chicken pasta recipe this week! It was a crockpot recipe that totally hit it out of the park for me. The chicken had a really good flavor and you could make it a little bit healthier by eating it without the pasta and cheese and strictly serving the chicken with a couple of veggies.  It would still be super yummy! 

2. My friend Gretchen is one of the wisest, most godly friends I have. She's always a huge encouragement to me, even hours away, and I'm always grateful for what the Lord teaches me through her. While I was taking a break from social media she had a post about why she will never quit social media and it was such a challenging read! It helped to give me perspective on this platform the Lord has given me and really challenged me to use my social media wisely.  

3. I'm going to do a big post of music I love soon, but right now I can't get enough of this song. We've been singing it at church lately and it's just SO GOOD. 


4. I knew that I wanted really sweet Christmas pajamas for the babies this year so I've been eyeing all the websites waiting for the sweetest pair that wouldn't break the bank. I'm not huge on appliqué and smocked things, but I'll go full on southern monogram mama for some Christmas jams!! These are the ones I went with for Campbell and Crawford's are similar with a few girly ruffles! I cannot wait to see them in these in just a few months!  

5. I listened to a podcast interview with Sazan Hendrix this week that my friend Jamie recommended and it was SO GOOD. I had no idea who she was prior to this interview, but her story of coming to know the Lord was amazing and super encouraging to me!

6.  Lately I've been working to get rid of excess in our home a little bit at a time and this podcast about a capsule wardrobe was really helpful as I think about narrowing down my closet a little more. They had a few comments about kids closets that I found really helpful too! 

7.  The past couple of months I've longed to feel a little more put together. Not in a "showy" way, but just in a way that I don't want to feel like a hot mess in my own home all the time. Ha! I desperately needed new pajamas and I've hit up the Target clearance section the past couple of weeks and I've scored two button up top + short sets and one pair of pants for half off. Super comfy, super light (helloooooo it's hot), and I feel a little more like a "real" person. And maybe a little more attractive to my husband! I can’t find the exact ones I have online, but these are really cute and I love these pants, too!

8. Last week I finished going through the LLB Colossians study and the Lord did so much work in my heart as I dug into His word. I've really been studying Colossians for 6 months because right before I started the study our church wrapped up a 4-5 month series on the book as well. Go here to listen to sermons from our series at church and go here for the LLB study!  

9. Over the winter right after Crawford was born I started watching old episodes of OutDaughtered and I fell in love with the Busby fam! They are so fun and I love watching the relationship between Danielle and Adam. The new season just started 2 weeks ago on TLC.  Go catch up here!  

10. Beginning on August 1st I'm going to facilitate an online study through the book of Galatians! I consistently get questions about how I study scripture and how I make a quiet time work with littles so I would love to really just jump into this with you. I'm doing some prep at the beginning, but for the most part I'll really be studying right along side you. Come back here Monday for some more info on how to join in with me! 

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