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Study With Me | A Walk Through Galatians

I've often been asked, especially since becoming a mama, how I spend time in scripture and what that actually looks like for me.  I don’t think there’s any special formula, I don’t think that there’s a checklist of things you have to do in order to say that you did your quiet time “right”, and I don’t think that the Lord wants us to live in fear of getting it wrong!  A few weeks ago during a sermon John Allen, our pastor, was talking about Rahab’s faith (Read some of Joshua for Rahab’s story) and how she didn’t know much about God, but she acted on what she knew and God saved her.  He then went on to talk about how in our current culture, with resources everywhere you look, we can still fail to act on what we know about God.  The simple tasks we KNOW God has called us to through His word.  Consistently reading scripture, prayer, meeting together with a body of believers, giving.  My desire through this study isn’t to overwhelm you with a giant list of things that you have to do in order to do things “right”, my desire is for you to see that we can open scripture and learn what it says by the discernment of the Spirit.  We can open scripture and trust that the Spirit will open our eyes to what it says. 



There are some methods to study that have helped me tremendously in the past and it’s how we actually walk through books of the bible as a body of believers at our church on Sunday mornings.  This “inductive bible study method” will help you to be able to open up scripture and really begin to understand it for yourself without needing an extra bible study or someone else’s words to go along with it.  Yes, there are some amazing resources out there to help us study scripture, but I think it’s important for us to be able to open scripture and really understand it for ourselves, trusting that the Spirit is able to open our eyes to what it says.  

My desire for you is to walk through this book of Galatians for a few weeks and gain a deeper understanding of God and to be consistent in spending time in the Word.  This is how the Lord molds and changes us, through spending time with Him in His word.  I pray that you’ll put aside the striving to make it “perfect” or to feel like you have all the right answers.  I invite you to just come. Open your bible.  Pray for a heart that desires to learn.  And show up.  No matter if you get interrupted by a crying baby, no matter if you have to stop a toddler fight in the middle of reading, no matter if you have to stop and pick it back up later because of things you didn’t foresee.  

We’ll start this study next Monday, July 31st.  Over the next few days I’ll be sending out an email with the breakdown of how we will study scripture, some resources that will help you study, and some encouragement on how to be consistent.  I promise I won’t spam you with random things, but I think an email is going to be the best way to get this info out to you and for you to be able to save and reference it without feeling like you have to keep checking here!  Before Monday I’ll post all the information right here on my blog as well, but signing up for the email list will be the quickest way to get information, updates, and encouragement as we study these next few weeks.

I’m really excited to see what the Lord teaches us these next few weeks as we #walkthroughgalatians (this will be our hashtag!) and I hope that you’ll join me! 

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