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Weekly Top 10 | vol. 2

1. On Monday night was my 5th Annual Christmas in July party!  This started out as just a party with Tyler and I, and over the past 3 years it’s multiplied by a million! Ha! I think I should do a post about this, but here’s a sweet photo of my babes in Christmas jams  until then!


2.  Let me tell you about my favorite thing that makes my life a million times more simple:  GROCERY PICKUP.  I’ve been doing this since we came home with Campbell and I truly don’t even know what I would do if I had to take both of them to the store to get a week’s worth of groceries! Ha! I use Walmart because the service is free and I feel like I can get better prices on things at Walmart than at Kroger.  (I used to shop at Aldi for 90% of our groceries and I LOVE ALDI but right now grocery pickup is most convenient to my life) Not only is pickup free, but I feel like I save money and do better with our grocery budget because I’m able to see exactly what I’m spending as I add things to my cart.  I’m really terrible at knowing how much a recipe will cost me so I’ve totally ditched a meal idea as I’m adding things to my cart because it’s gotten too expensive.  If you’re tight on a grocery budget and you have a walmart pickup near you I really think you should try it!  Unfortunately this isn’t a sponsored post and I’m not getting paid in groceries to say this (HA) but I just really do love this service! GO WALMART!

3.  I mentioned this in last week’s top 10 post but I’m not really a southern mama when it comes to how I like to dress my kids.  I’m more simple and don’t really love frilly things and I LOVE for Campbell to dress like a tiny little man boy, so “sweet” things for boys really aren’t my style.  But pajamas are a TOTALLY different game. Give me all the sweet jams, please!!! My favorite, dream pajamas are The Beaufort Bonnet Company Night Nights because they looks SO SWEET with the little booty flap and footies.  They aren’t in our budget at all, but I saw that they were having a really big sale so I scooped up a pair for both babies for their birthdays! (Use the code PINKPRICEPARTY) for 50% off of sale!)  For a little under $25 I couldn’t pass it up and it’ll be a great to already have a gift bought and saved for their birthdays!  


4.  One of our favorite shows is on this summer and it makes me laugh because NO ONE we know watches it.  WE LOVE MASTER CHEF!  Food shows are so much fun for us to watch together and this one is our top favorite.  Gordon Ramsey is really fun to watch and we love seeing all the yummy dishes that they make each week!

5.  I’ve gotten really into podcasts lately and I usually listen to one a day at least.  This week I’ve listened to several Creative Empire podcasts and I loved the episode with Emily Ley!  Emily has become one of my favorite people to follow and keep up with over the past several years and her interview was so encouraging to me!

6.  I’ve been thinking about photos lately and how I want to keep up with photos of Campbell and Crawford and Chatbooks is a great option!  We have several books I’ve created for Tyler and I, but I haven’t printed any since the babies have been born.  Right now they are 20% off until the 31st and I really need to get serious about ordering some this weekend! 

7.  Campbell’s adoption day is coming up soon and we are truly so, so excited to celebrate this day as a family.  Tyler is going to take off work that day and after we go to the courthouse we’ll spend some time together as a family of four before our families come over for dinner that night. I didn’t want to go crazy with an adoption party because his birthday will be coming up soon (NOT READY), but I still wanted to do something fun, sweet, and simple to celebrate.  I wanted to do something a little different so I kept thinking about something off the wall that would be fun and the sandlot quote “FOR.EV.ER” popped in my mind and I KNEW that would be perfect!  It’s the most fun summer movie and we’ll have so much fun cooking out and having smores that night with our families as we celebrate Campbell being our son FOR.EV.ER! 

8.  10,000 Fathers is one of my favs to listen to and I’ve been listening to this song a lot over the past several weeks!


9. Last Friday my mom, sister, and I took Crawford down to the Delta in Marigold, Mississippi to visit the McCarty Pottery studio for the first time!  If you’re not from Mississippi, McCarty Pottery is a really popular potter who has created beautiful pieces of pottery for years that’s really popular in our area.  Right down the road from his shop is a little restaurant and they serve everything on McCarty and it’s the SWEETEST THING EVER.  It’s so southern and fun and we loved having a girl’s day!  Crawford got her first piece, a little blue bird! 


10. You can still sign up to get bible study details!  I’ll be sending out the first email at 12PM today, so sign up before then to get all the info on how we will get started as well as a few printable resources that will help you!  Go visit this post to sign up! 

Weekly Top 10 | vol. 3

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