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Adoption Rocks | our adoption day!

On Monday we celebrated a sweet day in the life of our family.  Our sweet boy became our forever son!  We went to our county courthouse and a judge declared he is a Cole forever and it was truly the sweetest day.  My photographer friend Lindsay came to photograph the day for us and I'm so grateful for these images!  Tyler's sister, Megan, was our lawyer and it was incredibly special for her to be the one making it official with us.  It was an emotional day to say the least.  So many different feeling for our family, for Campbell, and for his birth mom.  While it was a sweet day, it was also a day I was reminded of the great loss Campbell and his birth mom both suffered.  I pray that for both of them this story the Lord has written for their lives will be one that leads them to redemption and ultimately deep love and comfort in the Father.  So grateful that the Lord made me Campbell's mama who gets to take care of him everyday.  And so grateful for the mama who grew him for 9 months.  I can't wait to show Campbell photos from this day and I pray he always knows how deeply loved he is!

Monday night we had our families over to celebrate this day with hotdogs and smores with a Sandlot theme since Campbell is now a Cole "FOR.EV.ER"!  It was a sweet night of enjoying family and food and just having a fun night of fellowship!  So grateful for all our people and how we've been loved so well throughout this process.  It takes a village and we have the best one. 

Adoption Q + A

Adoption Q + A

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