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Campbell Turns TWO!

Campbell Turns TWO!


Campbell Elias, today you’re TWO. Realistically I know two is a baby, but two is also really big. How has it been two years since I held that tiny four pound boy in a small hospital family room in Houston? The past two years have gone back really fast and also really slow. When you and your sister were both tiny the days felt like they went on forever. But 24 hours came and went, and came and went. The days did slip by and seasons did change. The past two years have been the absolute best of my entire life. The day you were born I was born, too. Something deep inside my heart woke up and I could never be the same. You’ve taught me that Jesus breaks all barriers. You didn’t grow in my belly, but every cell in my body reacted as your mama when a nurse wheeled you in and said “you can pick him up.” I think about your first mama constantly and I can’t wait until the day we can have conversations about her. As you grow up I pray that every single day of your life and your story will point you back to the Father who loves you, cherishes you, and sees you. Nothing is unknown to Him, nothing is too big for Him to carry. So on the days that your story seems heavy, and I know that those days will come, I desperately pray that you run to Jesus. And I’ll be running right next to you.


Campbell, Bubba, Cam, Bud, Camp, Little Buddy, Campy- you bring so much joy to our days! Your primary language is laughter and your smile and your laugh is infectious to all you’re around. You might not have any words yet, but your compassion and love for others breaks all communication barriers. You’ve faced some pretty big challenges this year but you’ve faced them all bravely and you work so hard. One of the biggest changes in you this year is you got CURLY HAIR. Curls on curls on curls. It’s been one of my favorite unexpected surprises about you this year! You love your sister and your favorite thing right now is holding her hand and walking around the house. You love to come up behind me and give me a big hug. You squeeze your daddy’s neck tight and lay your head on his shoulder before you go to bed. You love Toy Story and dancing to The Greatest Showman. You almost always have your puppy, lamb, monkey, and weighted lap blanket near by and you have to grab all of them before bed or when we’re getting in the car. You love to be chased, to feed your baby doll, to carry around your tool set, and to read books in your crib with CG. You’ve just started blowing kisses and it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen! Your heart is big. It’s one of my greatest honors to be your mama. Happy birthday, sweet buddy!

The Short List Vol. 2

The Short List Vol. 2