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A Day in the Life | Vol. 2

A Day in the Life | Vol. 2

A year ago today I posted photos documenting our day with a four month old and almost two month old and as I saw this day approaching, I wanted to document our day on that same day again!  So yesterday I got out my camera and recorded our day exactly as it was.  It was so sweet to think back to a year ago and see how much these babies have grown and how the Lord has brought us into a new season as a family.  It's completely crazy how much growth and change happens in just one year. I am so thankful for each day and how the Lord is continually faithful.  The hard days, the good days, the challenging seasons, and the seasons that feel light... He is faithful in every tiny bit.  These days are meaningful and investing in these two little souls is kingdom work and I don't want to forget it.  These days are so, so good. 


My alarm goes off at 5:50, I get out of bed and fix a cup of coffee and then sit down for my quiet time.  Crawford is already stirring and I hear Campbell around 6:15 but they are content so I leave them in bed.  About 6:45 I get up to prep for their morning.  I get their chairs out, pour their milk, and turn on something for them to watch (they love Beauty and the Beast!) while they drink their milk.

I get Campbell up first and he gets changed, Tyler comes out of our room and gets Crawford up.  They sit down and drink their milk while I do some more reading.

Campbell has been really cuddly lately and wanted in my lap after he finished his milk and soon sister wanted to join the party!  They sit with me as I finish reading. 

Tyler leaves for work around 7:30 and they free play while I finish my coffee!  (They LOVE pushing around random things... like the diaper box CG was pushing around the house!) Around 7:45 I turn the tv off and turn some worship music on (Will Reagan is my favorite right now) and start on their breakfast:  scrambled eggs, toast, strawberries, and blueberries.


They play for a little while and then around 8:45 its clear that Crawford is tired (Look at that sweet brother loving on his sleepy sister!!!) so a few minutes before 9 I put her down for a nap.  (We've been only doing one afternoon nap, but sometimes Crawford still needs a morning nap)


Campbell and I sit and read together (The Pout Pout Fish, of course) and he cuddles for a few minutes before he's ready to play.  It doesn't take him long to get loud and he wakes Crawford up around 9:45.

I made them a dog themed sensory bin because we got a lot of dog books at the library recently and they played in the bin for about 15 minutes.  This was the first day they've played with the dog themed bin and it took Crawford about 2 seconds to realize the "dog food" was Cocoa Puffs!  Ha!  Needless to say, she was a big fan of tasting the materials in this bin. 


Around 10:15 they had a banana and a few cheerios as a snack and Campbell enjoyed one of his favorite activities... trying to share his food with the dogs!

They hadn't colored their verse of the week yet, (I haven't uploaded this one, but here is the dropbox link with some coloring sheets I've already created- I do one each week with our Crew + Co verse cards!) so I printed these off and let them color for a few minutes.  They still aren't totally comprehending what to do with crayons, but it gives them something to do for a few minutes!

They've been a little whiny today so we headed to the front porch for some fresh air and to blow bubbles for a few minutes!

Because they were still being whiny around 11:30 I turned Beauty and the Beast back on and we all laid on a pallet together for a few minutes before I got up to fix their lunch.

I got up around 11:45 to start on their lunch and Crawford went to play in Campbell's room.  I soon noticed that Campbell had fallen asleep!  Around noon I put them in their chairs for lunch:  a sandwich, a few goldfish, avocado, and a clementine.  I usually put them down for nap around 1, but because they've been more sleepy today I put them down around 12:40.  I didn't have a ton of work today, so I pushed the few things I needed to do to Thursday and I laid down for a few minutes and looked up a few things for a potential disney trip at the end of the year.  I got up a little while later, started listening to a podcast (I LOVE crime podcasts- right now I've been listening to Someone Knows Something... it's been pretty good!) and unloading/loading the dishwasher.

Photo Feb 28, 1 52 46 PM.jpg

I then start prepping our dinner.  I've been trying to implement the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle so we've enjoyed some new meals lately!  Today it was meatballs, cauliflower mash, and garlic green beans. 

Crawford woke up around 2:30 so I put her in the highchair to play with water and a few toys while I finished prepping dinner.  We started listening to an episode of Journeywomen podcast.

Crawford played with her baby and then we read some books and enjoyed some girl time while Campbell still slept!

I woke Campbell up a little before 4 and gave them a smoothie for a snack.  You can notice I didn't make a very good cup choice because Campbell was really unhappy when blackberry seeds got stuck in the straw! Ha!  I realized my mistake, moved their smoothie to their water bottles and all was well! 

We turned on The Greatest Showman soundtrack and I started on a few chores. I got out their pajamas and fixed their milk cups for bedtime, did some laundry, and picked up around the house.  Campbell and Crawford played well together as we waited on Tyler to come home.  


Tyler got home around 5:40 and we immediately had dinner.  We usually play for a little while after we eat, but they were MESSY so they immediately got a bath!

After they took a bath it was about 6:30 and they were able to play for a little while.  Tyler read their favorite book, The Pout Pout Fish, while I did some dishes.  (Campbell loves to kiss the page when the fish is happy and Crawford just laughs at every page!) We soon started to settle down and get ready for our bedtime routine.

I get their chairs back out, grab their milk cups, and we read a bible story while they drink their milk. Around 7:10 we head to their rooms for bed.  Crawford goes down first, and then Campbell.

After they went down I went upstairs to edit a few photos on my desktop and then Tyler and I laid in bed and talked for a while.  I read a few chapters of a book, we watched a show (Waco- it's a short series based on a true story and it's so interesting!) and then I read a few more chapters before going to sleep around 10:30. 

It's crazy to me to think about the change that will happen by this time next year.  SO grateful today for what the Lord has done in the life of our family and how He sustains us each day, in each season!


Are you local?  I would LOVE to photograph a day like this for you!  Click here for more info.

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