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Favorite Budget Friendly Shops for Toddlers

Favorite Budget Friendly Shops for Toddlers

It's been challenging for me to figure out what our kids need, what our clothing budget should be, how I should organize and buy things for them, etc.  They grow SO FAST so I feel like I'm always scrambling to find something appropriate to wear!  For example... right now it's been cold around here but we are all grown out of winter clothes for the most part.  So my kids are just cold on the way into church, sorry! Ha! Since the kids have been born I feel like I "browse" clothes online, in store, etc.  I learned that constantly looking for things for them wouldn't be good for our budget, it was taking up time, and I never really knew what was in their closets.  

Sometime in February I decided that this needed to change!  I sat down and created a budget per child, per season.  Now, I will shop at the beginning of each season (every 3 months) and then we won't buy anything else until the next season unless absolutely necessary.  After I made this plan I went into their closets to take inventory of everything we already had, what would work throughout the spring, and I made a list for what I thought they each needed.  Then I got to shopping!  I wanted to share where I purchased things from this spring to give some of you toddler mamas some ideas!  

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The Children's Place

This is my favorite secret for boy Mamas.  THIS STORE PRACTICALLY GIVES YOU CLOTHES FOR FREE!  My style for Campbell is very simple.  He wears pants/shorts and a polo or button down for most "nice" things and a tee shirt and shorts/lounge pants when we are at home or running errands.  The Children's place has amazing prices on polos and button downs that literally all of Campbell's nice shirts for spring came from there and most of them were $3.  And free shipping always!  I mean, you can't beat this.  Amazing.  Campbell got several different polos (he's wearing the purple one on Easter!), a few short sleeve button downs, and a pair of athletic shorts.  I don't have as much luck finding things for Crawford here because I honestly think a lot of their options are obnoxious and just not my style.  But I did find her a couple of plain tops and one little eyelet top (I can't find it online now!) that's really sweet!  I'll hope to find a few things for her here in the future, but this will likely never be where I find the majority of her clothes.  Right now everything (literally.  EVERYTHING.) is 50% off with free shipping and if you order today they guarantee Easter delivery!  

Photo Mar 24, 12 19 36 PM.jpg

Campbell's shirt is from The Children's Place and his pants and sandals are from Old Navy.

Old Navy

I feel like this is an obvious choice!  Sweet options at a price point that I can handle, especially when I can snag things on sale!  I very rarely will shop here for the kids in store because I have a hard time finding as much as I find online and usually you can find much better deals online!  Crawford got several bubbles (like this pink one and this floral one she wore to our first egg hunt!) and a couple of dresses, Campbell got some dress pants, and they both got sandals.  I LOVE getting sandals here because I feel like they are a great price and hold up for as long as I need them to!  This is my favorite place to find "cute" things for CG!

Photo Mar 24, 10 48 35 AM.jpg

Crawford's bubble and cardigan are from Old Navy, her socks are from Little Stocking Co., her bow is Wildflower Baby Design, and her sandals are from amazon (her old navy ones are too big right now and I'll save them for summer!)


The Target Cat & Jack brand is my favorite for basics!  They both got several pair of shorts (Crawford got some cute bubble like shorts and comfy shorts and Campbell got some "nice" shorts and comfy shorts too!), Campbell got a couple tee shirts, and Crawford got one tee shirt (the girl's shirts had ugly graphics on them!  Ha! There are several better basic options online!) For $5 each, I think these are great basic options!


Back in the fall I found a pair of tennis shoes at Once Upon a Child for Campbell and I LOVED them!  I found out that they were from Payless so I hopped online and found them in a bigger size (and on sale!  $10!) And then I found a pair of white tennis shoes for CG so now we're set on athletic shoes!  Besides these tennis shoes, they each have a couple pair of sandals.

Once Upon a Child

I actually didn't even shop here for the spring because I found such good deals online!  But I usually head to this consignment store before doing any other shopping and I'll make sure to pay a visit before I do any summer shopping!  I can find a ton of random stuff for them here so its a great place to look!  

Accessories for CG

You know girlfriend needs a few accessories!  She has two pair of knee socks (a white pair and a pink pair) from Little Stocking Co. and she has a handful of bows from Wildflower Baby Design and I LOVE THEM.  The headband part is super thick and soft and they were at a great price point.  We'll definitely grab a few more colors from here in the summer! 

Figuring out how to put together their wardrobes has been a challenge for me, but I'm hoping this system of shopping ONCE a season will be helpful in us having what we need (and not too much!) while also staying on our budget!

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