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Our Home Tour

Our Home Tour

I never shared many photos of our home here, but I wanted to share a tour of this sweet space before we move this weekend!  This home has been so perfect for us in the seasons of life we've lived here.  Our lot is beautiful, we have a tree lined backyard, and we definitely often feel like we're "out" a little more and it doesn't feel like we're smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood.  We knew that we eventually wanted to move again and ideally to a spot with a little more land, but we didn't expect to move so quickly!  The perfect opportunity came up for us to grab some land, we quickly put our house on the market, and now here we are.  I'm excited to show you the place we've called home! These photos are the most low frill home tour photos you'll ever see because I took them for our zillow listing!  Ha!  But this will give you an overview of this sweet place!


We found this plan on pinterest and we were able to make a few changes as you'll see in photos!  We did some things different on the exterior to not make it look so traditional and we also flipped the plan, so our room is on the right side of the house. We have really loved this floor plan and it would make a great plan for a family!


As soon as you walk in the front door you have the living room and then our little playroom (what used to be the office) to the right!  This little playroom has been the MVP of the house. I love that we can store the kids toys in here and that they can easily play while I cook dinner or do chores around the house.  I can peek in on them easily and I love it!  When we were planning our next house I knew that I wanted something similar to this because we've enjoyed it so much.

I really, really love our kitchen!  We have a ton of cabinet space and our blue island has been such a fun touch.  It's so easy to entertain here with everything being open and it's been so great for us!  The table was handmade by my dad and a family friend and it's something we will cherish forever!  

If you walk down the hallway to the right off the living room you will see our half bath, laundry room, door to the bonus room, door the garage, and our room.  We put french doors in our room instead of windows and we have LOVED opening them up when it feels good in mornings!  Fall mornings here are our ultimate favorite. 

Our bathroom is one of my favorite spots in the house!  I LOVE taking baths and our standalone bath tub has been a favorite for me!

If we head to the other side of the house you'll find both kids rooms and their bathroom!

Crawford's room is on the back of the house and then you have their bathroom and then Campbell's room.  Their bathroom has a vanity on each wall and then a separate door that leads into the tub and toilet.  I've loved this layout and we'll be using the footprint of the bathroom in the new house! 

Our home has just been the absolute sweetest place for us and I'm feeling so emotional over leaving.  Our time here sure has been sweet!

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