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Friday No. 12

Friday No. 12

Happy Friday, y’all! This week has been a little all over the place and I’m looking forward to the weekend and a chance to rest and gear up for another week. I didn’t get a chance to finish up my post on our kitchen and living room design so I’m excited to finish that up and share some ideas with you next week! Today I wanted to share a couple of things with you before we jump into the weekend! 

1. I’m just starting to read through the Bible!  

This week  listened to a podcast (I’ll link in below!) episode about the big story of the Bible and it was so encouraging for me. I was sharing it with a friend this week and I couldn’t really put into words how it encouraged me but I told her to listen anyway! Ha! As I walked away from the episode I was encouraged to start reading through the Bible. I’ve read through the Bible chronologically twice before, but with the intention of really breaking down every part of the text (which is a great thing to do!), but this time around I’m reading much faster and the goal is to read through the entire bible (I’m still reading chronologically to help with keeping the timeline correct) quickly. My hope is that with the goal being to just take in scripture I’ll be much quicker to pick up my Bible whenever I have free seconds. I LOVE bible study and digging deep in verses, but sometimes my love of study keeps me from just sitting in scripture and if I don’t have a quiet hour to do a word study, I just won’t open my bible until the next morning. My desire is that as I read I will create habits of just picking up my bible when I would usually pick up my phone. I’m so excited to journey through scripture this way! 



2. I loved this episode with Caroline Cobb on the Journeywomen podcast.  

She talked about the big story of the Bible and I just took so much away from it. If you’re not a listener of the Journeywomen podcast, you should be! I always find so much encouragement from these weekly episodes!

3. I’m ready for fall, y’all!  

We didn’t make any noteworthy meals this week, but I came across this caramel apple cinnamon roll recipe this week and now I’m itching for fall!! It might be 100 degrees until mid October around here but the day after Labor Day I deem the first day of fall so you can believe the very next week I’ll be sweating as I whip up these yummy cinnamon rolls! 


 4. We are enjoying laid back summer days! 

I had big intentions of creating a schedule for our days this summer to help the transition into therapy a little easier for Campbell (we still haven’t started therapy- but that’s another conversation for another day) but we’ve just been enjoying doing things spur of the moment! Monday we went on a last minute zoo trip trip with friends before visiting our newly renovated Aldi! We didn’t nap until after 3 on Monday and they slept until dinner! Ha! We’ve been enjoying some later nights and I’ve been soaking up time with my fam this summer. Soon my mom will be back at school, my brother will be in his last semester of nursing school, and my sister will start classes again. We are enjoying time with all our people so much right now!  



 5. It’s my favorite time of the year- Christmas in July! 

In case you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of Christmas in July celebrations! Sadly we’ve had a lot going on these last few weeks (I’m launching two new businesses in August!) and I couldn’t get myself together enough to plan a Christmas party with friends. But we’ll still get our little tree out of storage and have a Christmas morning breakfast next week! Throwback to my tiny babies meeting Santa last summer!  



Today I’ll have my fourth newborn session of the week and then it’s the weekend with my people! I hope y’all have a great weekend! 

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

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