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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

We will be celebrating Christmas in July on Wednesday and I can't wait!  While we aren't having a big party this year and I'm not pulling out a lot of decor (I tried- but all my boxes are in the back of our storage unit! Ha!) we're still going to have a really fun day full of Christmas music, twinkle lights, and breakfast for dinner in our pajamas with family!  This is one of my very favorite traditions and it gets my mind turning about all the sweet December things.  I'm really hoping that we are in our house by Christmas, but we might be barely making it in by December 25th, so this holiday season will look a lot different for our family this year but I'm already trying to be flexible about it and hold onto our traditions lightly.  I've been in the Christmas spirit lately so I thought I would share a few ideas and images that make me excited for cool weather, Christmas music, and all the sweet celebrations the birth of Jesus brings! 

First off, these advent scripture cards from Crew + Co. are my FAVORITE!  They go along with the Jesus Storybook Bible and are such a great tool to continually bring your family back to scripture during the holiday season.  They are on sale right now for only $18 which is a STEAL so if you wanted them this year you need to go snag them right now! 


I love this Christmas card display, but it wouldn't be super practical because we receive more than 6 cards.  Ha!  But it really is a gorgeous and simple way to display. 


We will have two chandeliers in our kitchen over each island and I love the idea of hanging garland through them!  A simple but sweet way to bring in some holiday cheer!


I actually already have several rolls of wrapping paper in storage that I picked up at Target for a steal after Christmas last year, but I love these sweet, simple ways to wrap!  

5 simple gift wrap ideas.jpg

I think this year I want to start the tradition of the kids opening up a book to read every day in December before the 25th.  It will be a fun way for them to enjoy ripping off wrapping paper and it'll be fun to have a new book to read each day!  Frugal tip: check out books at the library to wrap up!  I love this wrapping idea.


This fall is going to be packed full from moving out of our rental, moving in with my parents, my sister getting married, Thanksgiving, moving into our home (hopefully!), and celebrating Christmas!  This week I'm going to go ahead and map out some ideas of how I'll be able to make that season a little more simple and enjoyable since we'll have a LOT going on.  We are going to keep up the tradition of getting the kids "something you want, something you need, something you wear, and something you read" to keep things simple and I'm so excited about that this year!  You can read this post from last year about what we got our babes!  It might be a million degrees outside this week, but we're going to be listening to Christmas music and dreaming of December!  Happy Christmas in July, y'all!

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