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Friday No. 16

Friday No. 16

Happy Friday, y'all!  The past few weeks have been slammed full of a lot of different activities and "to dos" and I've been missing sharing updates here!  It's insane to me that we only have one more week before the unofficial start of fall.  This month has flown by!  Bring on all the fall candles, College Game Day, and pumpkins! I'm ready for a new season! 

1.  Our Holly & Co. launch was incredible!  

We've had a really great launch week for our online boutique!  My sister and I have been so excited this week as we've gotten orders and started to learn our rhythms for how we'll keep Holly & Co. rolling.  This has been HARD work but we're both really excited to be in business together and we've gotten such a great response from customers this week!


2.  Holly & Co. isn't the only business I launched this week!

Last Friday I launched an etsy shop!  I'm now selling photographs on etsy that other small business owners can use on the social media and websites.  I have mock-up photos for business owners who sell certain products (prints, t shirts, pillows, etc) and I have stock photos to help fill in the gaps of your social media feed.  Ultimately I want my shop to be a place where small business owners and bloggers can go to grab photos that will help support their businesses while allowing them more time to spend creating their products and content and less time having to plan out and shoot their own photos!  I'm excited to develop my shop more over the coming months and hopefully some of my blogging friends will find these photos useful!


3.  Crawford went on her first road trip!

A few weeks ago I took Crawford to Georgia to see Jamie and her family!  It has been several years since I had been to see them, but Jamie has been up a couple of times since Campbell and Crawford have been born.  I knew it was time for us to see our Georgia people!!! Crawford did an amazing time in the car and we really did have the sweetest girl time together.  I feel like she grew up a lot on this trip and it makes me really happy and also really sad.  My baby is a toddler!

4.  Best brownie recipe

I've been trying out some new paleo recipes lately and these brownies are 100% delicious.  I was so impressed with how yummy they are! 



5.  The Coles might not be in the country for a few more months

I've been slacking off on sharing about some of our house plans (is anyone really missing them?? Ha!) recently, but I'm hoping to jump back into it next Wednesday!  Not a whole lot of progress has happened and our closing date of the week before Thanksgiving won't happen and it's highly unlikely we'll even be in before the end of the year.  At the end of October we'll move in with my parents (our rental house is my sister's house and they'll be married in November!) so it might be an interesting few months of sharing spaces, but I really do think it'll be a fun season.  I'm sure I'll learn LOTS of life lessons!  Ha! 


Happy Weekend, y'all!  

Coles in the Country | Bathroom Design

Coles in the Country | Bathroom Design

The Holly & Co. Shop is LIVE!

The Holly & Co. Shop is LIVE!