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Coles in the Country | Bathroom Design

Coles in the Country | Bathroom Design

I'm finally back with another installment of Coles in the Country!  This little series has taken a backseat lately, much like our actual building process!  Ha! We are finally about to have our foundation poured in the next couple of weeks and I hope that gets our process moving a little bit more.  It's unlikely that we'll be in by Christmas, but I'm hoping that my some miracle we are!  We are really excited to see it come together and I'm hoping to have progress to share very soon!

Today I wanted to share some details about our bathrooms!  We will have 2.5 baths that will consist of our master bath, the hallway/kids bath, and a half bath off of our carport entry.  We're changing some things about the hall bathroom design from the plan to match what we had in our previous house.  you'll walk in the bathroom to find a vanity on the left wall and the right wall with another door directly in front of you that will lead to the bathtub and toilet.  We really loved this set up because it'll give the kids a little bit of separation in the years to come.  Ideally we'll have one more girl and one more boy and they share a vanity with the same gender, but we'll see how this one plays out!  Ha!  

We're going to do a light stain on the cabinets in all our bathrooms to bring in a little bit of warmth since we'll have concrete floors and white walls.  I'm not sure what kind of countertop we'll end up with in here, but probably something in the white family. 


I think we'll probably end up with the standard builder grade mirrors in here, but I haven't fully decided yet.  Each vanity will have a light over it and I think this is the one I'm leaning towards!

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 6.06.29 AM.png

I would like to do some kind of subway tile surround if the budget allows, but I'm not sure the budget is going to allow!  Ha!


I'm wanting to do some fun things in our small half bath!  I'm thinking of doing some kind of wallpaper behind the vanity, but I haven't picked anything yet.  Anyone have any favorite wallpaper sources??


I'm loving this light fixture.  I think it could be a really sweet little bathroom! 


I'm so excited about our master bathroom!  I found this image and it immediately became my inspiration and the reason why I'm wanting to do stained cabinets in all our bathrooms!  While ours won't be near as fancy, we'll have lighter stained cabinets, light countertops, similar sconces (AMAZON!), and I think I might do frameless beveled mirrors, but I haven't decided on those yet!


We'll have a similar soaking tub as what was in our last house and I think I'll do some kind of small chandelier over it, but I haven't committed to anything yet! I also don't know what kind of tile we'll do in the shower.  That will probably be something that comes closer to time as we see where we are with the budget.  We had a frosted shower door in our last house and I loved it because it made cleaning it easier and you don't see EVERY SINGLE water stain from day to day.  So it honestly will hardly matter what we put on the inside because you won't really see it!

I'm hoping by the time I share some updates next week we'll be a closer to have a foundation laid, YAY!  Come on, house! 

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