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Resources for Waiting

Resources for Waiting

Now that we've talked about what it means to wait and how to wait, I wanted to give you some practical resources that have helped me in seasons of waiting. I always like to give this disclaimer when I talk about certain things I like to do or products I use:  you do not need one single thing apart from the Word of God and the people of God.  If you are consistently reading the Word and are plugged into a local church, everything else is extra.  You don't "need" anything else to have a fruitful walk with the Lord, but there are products I've come to love that do help me along the way!  



Music is huge for me.  I process a lot of things through music and a lot of my prayers are born out of worship songs, especially the ones that come straight from scripture.  We listen to music a LOT during the day I love finding new worship songs or artists.  Here's a playlist of some of my favorites right now that will help you keep your eyes up on the Lord during seasons of waiting and struggle. SPOTIFY PLAYLIST HERE.

Prayer and Bible Study

Two of my favorite products are the yearly prayer journal from Val Marie Paper and the Give Me Jesus journal from Well Watered Women.  Prayer is one of the biggest disciplines that helps me in times of struggle.  When you're waiting or you're in a hard season it's so easy to always turn your focus inward.  But when I'm actively praying for others, constantly looking for ways to lift others up to the Father and encourage them, that helps me get my eyes off myself.  This has been one the biggest things that has helped me and I've just recently put a few more practices into place to help me pray and encourage others more consistently.  But the Val Marie Paper prayer journal has been huge for me this year!  Every month I fill out different areas that help me have an overall view of who/what I'm praying for that month and then I can easily take the journal with me or leave it out during the day!  She has smaller 6 month journals (shown above with the scripture on it) or the yearly.  The pre-order for the yearly just came out, but if you can't wait to get started you'll be able to grab a 6 month journal to start now when they are back in her shop after Labor Day! I can't decide what color I want to pre-order for next year!! Which is your favorite?? (the VMP links are affiliate links, but I never share anything I don't love myself!)


The Give Me Jesus journal from Well Watered Women is another favorite for me!  I'm using it a little differently this year to get the most out of my investment.  Instead of using it every day during my quiet time, I only use it for sermon notes at church.  That way one journal will last me a full year and then I can easily reference sermon notes from the year! We have expositional preaching at our church (which means we preach though books of the bible and we aren't often "theme" based) it's great to have a journal full of notes through particular books of the bible.  For years to come I can look back on these notes when I study these books in my own quiet time! 


I really love podcasts!  There are so many women out there to learn from and I've heard some really enlightening episodes lately that have encouraged and challenged me in my walk with Jesus.  Here are just a few that I think could be helpful in seasons of waiting and wanting to dig deeper into your relationship with Jesus!

Risen Motherhood: (don't feel like you have to be a mom to listen to these!!)

God's Word Everyday, in Every Season

Growing in God's Word as a Mom of Littles (even if you aren't a mom of littles, this is a GREAT episode) 

Infertility, Miscarriage, and Motherhood (this is a great episode if this has been a "waiting" struggle for you or someone you love)

When You Feel Alone

Journeywomen Podcast:

On Growing in Godliness

On Abiding in Christ

On Loneliness

On Joy

These are just a few resources that help me to walk with Christ in the waiting, in the hard, in the joy, in the sorrow, in the good, and the bad.  I hope that some of these things will encourage you!  I would love for you to share in the comments if there's a song, a sermon, a podcast, a resource, etc, that has helped you in seasons of waiting or struggle.  Let's encourage one another!

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Friday No. 15

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