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Friday No. 19

Friday No. 19

Happy Friday afternoon, y’all! I’m currently sitting on my Mama’s porch under a heated blanket (this is now my top favorite item of all time! JK but kind of not) about to dig into some reading and journaling while my kids nap! I just wanted to pop in and share a few random things before the weekend!

1. The coziest sheets ever!

A few weeks ago I read on Hunter’s blog about a cheap set of amazon sheets that she loved and I quickly saved them to purchase for our master bedroom! We have been in desperate need of some new bedding so I took a little bit of Christmas money and ordered us these sheets, a new duvet cover, and a quilt all for $100! This is such a steal when you have a California king sized bed like we do! I’m not going to get out the quilt until we move into our new house but we are already loving the sheets and duvet cover because they are SO COZY AND SOFT! We highly recommend!

2. Target Dollar Spot

I went to walk around Target last night with a friend and found so many great things in the dollar section! I found several things that our therapists have been using with Campbell and I was so excited to pick them up for us to have at home! There are so many great educational things out right now that if you’re a teacher or a mama you NEED to go pick up a few things! We got a few felt books, dry erase workbooks, stickers, and a handful of other things! I also just realized that you can now shop the dollar section online! You’ll buy items in more quantities than you would at the store, but it’s still a great option if you’re wanting to see what’s available!

3. Servin’ chicken the Lord’s way

Y’ALL. I 100% can’t get enough of this video! Ha! It’s SO FUNNY!

4. Shaping your relationship with technology

I just listened to this podcast yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it! It was really interesting hearing some science behind what technology does to our brains and one families “manifesto” for how they use and consume technology. Last year I created something similar for myself when it comes to social media use, but I’m excited to revisit it and talk more as a family about ways we can make sure technology stays in its place.

5. CG turned 2!

Our sweet girl turned 2 on Saturday and we had such a sweet day! It was really fun for her birthday to fall on a Saturday so Tyler could celebrate with us all day! We started the day with donuts, went to visit our new house, and then after nap her gift from my parents came in- a baby doll highchair! She played all afternoon and for two days after would ask to play with it as soon as she woke up in the mornings and from nap! We celebrated her with all things puppies, her favorite animal. Loved how her cookies turned out from Wimsy! We don’t do big birthday parties after the first birthday, but we do themed cookies, have pizza with our immediate families, and I do a few handmade decorations. Simple and sweet!

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