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10 Favorites of 2018

10 Favorites of 2018

I didn’t want to get too far into 2019 without sharing some of my favorite things of 2018! 2018 was a year full of so many experiences and emotions, but as the year ended I was so grateful for what the Lord did and is doing. It really was such a sweet year and there are so many things, big and small, that stick out to me! Here’s a quick list of 10 things I loved in 2018.

“the will of God” Journeywomen Podcast episode by Jen Wilkin

This Journeywomen episode was so good and hit on so many of the questions I feel like believers ask often. Understanding God’s will can feel confusing and tricky, but I loved the way Jen described it. One of my favorite quotes from this episode is this: “Many of us have developed a habit of coming to the Scriptures asking ‘who am I?’ before we ask ‘who is God?’ To start reading the Bible looking for the transcendent God in the text before we ask who am I questions.”

“Sanctuary” by SEU Worship

This is probably my favorite song of 2018 and might be one of my favorite songs ever! I didn’t discover it until later in the summer, but it was instantly on repeat. The Lord used it to teach me so many things over the fall and I’m so grateful!

The Greatest Showman

I went to see The Greatest Showman with a few friends in early January and it just makes you feel SO GOOD! I knew it was one I would love, but sometime later in the summer the kids saw it for the first time and since then it’s been a Cole house favorite! Campbell and Crawford’s favorite song is “come alive” and we have dance parties almost everyday! It’s been sweet to enjoy a movie and music together!

“Parenting” by Paul David Tripp

This book is a game changer! At least once a week something happens to bring me back to some of the things he said in the book and it’s such a helpful and biblical parenting tool. I might start reading it every single year!

Family trips to the farmer’s market

I think my favorite family activity from 2018 is our weekly trips to the farmer’s market! When we lived in our rental house through the summer and early fall we lived about 3 minutes from our little town square that has one of the best farmer’s markets in our state! We spent many Saturday mornings walking the kids around in the wagon and letting them snack on fresh blueberries- their favorite summer treat! Sometimes we would walk to the library after and sometimes we’d go back home to play but our slow and simple Saturday mornings are some of my favorite memories from the year!



I’ve come to LOVE the app Voxer! I used it some in 2017, but I really used it more consistently in 2018. It’s so nice to be able to have a conversation that’s sometimes hard to do through text but also hard to have over the phone when you have different schedules! I love being able to ask a friend a random question or send someone a quick message of encouragement. It’s so nice to be able to listen/respond on your own time.

Heated Blankets

Maybe this is silly to name as a favorite thing, but I’ve grown to love the heated blanket my mom has on their screened in porch! It’s been so cozy to use on those chilly afternoons when I go sit with a book while the kids nap. I can’t wait to get one to use on our new porch!

Jen Wilkin Bible Studies

In January of 2018 we started a Jen Wilkin study with our community group and after a break for summer we started another in August that we won’t actually wrap up until next month. It was so fruitful for me to basically work through her studies all year and it’s helped me develop some bible study habits that will help me in all my future books of the bible studies! If you go to Jen’s old podcast page you can see all her old teachings. In the show notes of each teaching there’s a link to download the workbook. You can do these studies for FREE!

Maskara Makeup

I have a really fabulous friend named Alanna and I learned about Maskcara makeup through her and I’ve loved using it so much! I started using it sometime early May and I’m just now about to need to reorder a few things (I only wear makeup maybe 3 times a week, though!) and I love how quick and easy it is! It’s basically a fast and easy way to highlight and contour your face and I’ve been happy with using it!

cozy house shoes

Last year for Christmas Tyler got me a pair of house shoes from the local Bass factory store and I literally wore them out. Turns out, this stay at home mama wears house shoes a lot!! I loved having a hard sole shoe that was cozy but practical for wearing all day at home. This year for Christmas he got me a pair from J.Crew factory and I think I’ll love these, too!

There you have it, 10 random things I loved in 2018! I’m really excited to start sharing next week some of the things I’m praying for the Lord to grow in 2019 starting with my word of the year, coming Monday!

Friday No. 20

Friday No. 20

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