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Friday No. 20

Friday No. 20

It seems like Friday got here extra fast this week as we’ve had a bunch of little things going on. Things are starting to roll with our house so we had several errands related to that this week plus therapy and a few other random things and now here we are at Friday! We have a low key weekend planned and I’m really enjoying this slower January. This is my second year to jump off social media after Crawford’s birthday and I think I want to make it a January tradition. It really is so fruitful to take some time away and it helps me start the year taking a big deep breath. And now… less than two weeks before February!

For the love of house shoes!

I realized after my post on Wednesday that list of 10 things only had 9 things on it! Ha! I had forgotten to add my 10th favorite… SLIPPERS. Yep. I edited the post to add my love of good slippers!

Feel Good Snack

My mom brought home a bag of these Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps earlier this week and MAN are they addictive! The white cheddar flavor is good, but I honestly prefer the lightly salted and the kids do, too. I won’t go so far as to say this is a HEALTHY snack, but it does make me feel better than snacking on a bag of chips!


1 Second Everyday

This year I’ve been doing the “1 second everyday” app and it’s been such a sweet project! I think I might share them here at the end of every month. If you’re wishing that you started on January first, START NOW! You can actually go back and add video to past days and they make it super user friendly.

Photo Jan 09, 8 48 11 AM.jpg

This photo has nothing to do with the app, I’ve just loved capturing the really simple moments lately and this photo of me and my buddy while we waited for his therapy to start last week is one of my favorites. Love this little boy!

Taco… Wednesday!

I made this Cheesy Taco Pasta earlier this week and it was so good and easy! I used whole wheat noodles to make myself feel a little bit better about all the cheese, Ha! It’s really a super simple recipe with few ingredients so it’s great to make if you have someone coming for dinner!

Thanks for your input!

The reader survey I posted a few weeks ago was such a helpful tool for me to figure out who comes to read my posts and what you look for when you come here. I thought it was so interesting that I have a good mix of people who have been here since 2010 and others who came around after the babies. No matter how you ended up here, I’m so thankful that you choose to spend your time reading my blog and I hope that it brings you encouragement!

Word of the Year & Prayers for 2019

Word of the Year & Prayers for 2019

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