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How I do Goal Setting

How I do Goal Setting

It’s the first Monday of 2019 which feels like the first day of the new year! Anyone else stuck in the mindset that new things MUST ALWAYS AND ONLY start on a Monday? I’ve joked with my friend Valerie about it multiple times but in all seriousness this mindset can be a big hinderance from me when it comes to moving forward in goals, activities, or routines. Perfectionism is something I have to fight often as a recovering good girl. (I really should do an update to this post, 7 years later!) Goal setting can feel exciting to me but it can also make me feel paralyzed with fear if I don’t constantly keep my heart in check about it. Goals don’t have to be about perfectionism, but they can be about moving forward in obedience to what the Lord is calling us to and they can help us be good stewards of the resources He’s given us.

A way that I’ve tried to combat my desire for “perfect goals” is to not have my goals set by January 1st. Instead of starting the first day of the year with shiny new goals I allow myself to sit in the “in between”. A year has just ended, a new year has just begun, but I’m not yet ready to jump into all that’s ahead. Last year after the first few days of the year I jumped off social media for 5 or 6 weeks and took some time to rest, pray, and talk to the Lord about the previous year and what was going to be ahead and it was so incredibly fruitful for me! This year I’m doing the same and I’ll get rid of some distractions like social media and spend more time resting and praying through what the Lord might have for me this year. I wanted to share a few things I’ve been thinking through when it comes to goals and prayers for the new year and a couple of products I’m utilizing this month!

Come up with a word of the year in connection with scripture.

For the past several years I’ve had a “word of the year” and this year I’m trying to flesh out my word a little bit more so that I have some tangible ways I’m praying through it this year. When I pick a word of the year it’s usually something I’m praying for the Lord to grow in my life and a way that I want to draw closer to Him. I already have my word of the year but I’m still working through some different scripture passages about it and studying what it means and how I’m going to intentionally work to grow in it this year. If you’ve never picked a word of the year, I would encourage you to pray through ways you desire to grow in the Lord and read through scripture to find a word you can focus on this year! I’ll be sharing my word later this month!

Have a collection of resources that connect to each goal to make my goals more “tangible”.

Having tangible things that I can turn to to help me grow in specific areas always helps me to be able to walk in my goals more effectively because I’m able to make some good action steps moving forward! I really love to connect my goals to certain books of the bible or passages of scripture to keep my overall mission of the year rooted in Christ. I’ll have a collection of resources like passages of scripture, biblical pastors I can listen to via podcast, songs, books, etc. that I can use to grow in the different goal areas that I’m setting for myself.

Share goals with a friend to keep my goals in check and to keep me accountable.

I want to make sure my goals always line up with scripture and reflect a biblical attitude so sharing my goals with a trusted friend (and Tyler!) will help me to get some other opinions on if something doesn’t line up how it should. It will also give me good accountability when it comes to actually growing in my goals!

Here’s a quick list of resources I’ll be using to help me in setting goals this month:

-I love the dream guide from Jennie Allen! Just sign up for her email and it’ll come straight to your inbox. It’s great for thinking through 2018 and looking ahead to all of 2019!

-Val Marie Paper prayer journal is a resource I came to LOVE last year when it comes to writing out all the different things/people I’m praying over. This isn’t directly related to setting goals, but I’ll be spending a lot of time using it while I’m rid of certain distractions! I have the yearly, but the 6 month undated is a great option if you want to just try it out!

-The Well Watered Women, Risen Motherhood, and Journeywomen Podcast recommended resources pages. They are all filled with so many great suggestions that I’m going to be looking for as I think through what to read in 2019.

-THE BIBLE. I just had to say it. Best resource we could ever need!!

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks as I continue to work through some of my goals and prayers for 2019 and I'm eager to share some of them with you, too! I’d love for you to share in the comments: What do YOU do to set goals? What are some of your hangups when it comes to goal setting (like perfectionism for me)? What can you do differently this year to pray through your goals? Do you have goals already? SHARE ALL THE THINGS ABOUT GOALS!

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