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Making Things Happen Intensive

If there is a photo to sum up how I've felt the past few months it's this one.  Overwhelmed.  Broken.  Tired.  This was me within 15 minutes of the first day of Making Things Happen.  The Lord worked out so many things in my heart over those two days in Chapel Hill and I'm so thankful.  I want you to know that if deep down this photo reflects your heart too, it's okay to be a mess.  It's okay to not be okay.  It's okay to say you're overwhelmed, over-run, and over-committed.  It's okay to be real about the mess.  As Lara Casey says, "let the dirt be dirt."  Call it what it is.  Because Jesus meets us in that place.  And other believers should meet you in that place.  It is okay to not be okay.  Do you hear me?  It's okay to not be okay. I love that Jesus didn't leave me in that place.  In that constant state of overwhelmed.  He is teaching me that minute by minute, I have a CHOICE.  I have a choice over what I'm going to do with my time, where I'm going to invest my heart, and how I want to show others the love of Jesus.  Every minute I have a choice.  Some minutes I'm going to screw it up.  Sometimes I'll have whole DAYS of minutes where I choose the wrong thing.  But, there's grace.  And there's the next minute. 


The Lord used those two days at Making Things Happen to remind me that my purpose is here and now and I have the choice, minute by minute, if I'm going to live, REALLY LIVE, in the season He has me in or if I'm going to miss an opportunity to live with purpose.  Because living with purpose means living in my season.  Yes, my heart is looking forward to the day that I get to hold my baby for the first time, find a new normal as a family of three, and dive into parenting with Tyler.  I am so excited about that.  But, that is not my season.  I have a mission RIGHT NOW that is just as important as my mission in motherhood.  The Lord has things He wants me to do NOW.  Now in this season of our family of two.  Now in this season of our business.  Now in this season of friendship.  I am always so ready to jump to the next thing.  Ready for that change in our business, ready to be able to relate to my mom friends, ready to have a baby in our home.  But, the decisions I make now, the way I live now, the things I choose to value now, will create my legacy.  Every minute to minute decision I make now impact the legacy that I'll have.  What am I going to pass down to my children, grand-children, great-grandchildren?  Do I want them to think that a busy life is a purposeful life?  Do I want them to value social media over face to face friendships?  Do I want them to think they need to spend their life pursuing stuff? NO NO NO.

I want my children and grandchildren to know what a life with the Lord looks like because they've seen an example in my life.  I want them to see a life of grace, not perfection.  I want them to know how to be a good friend, wife, and mom because I was an example to them.  I want them to see a life free from the grip of materialism because I chose to focus instead on the things that matter.  People.  

I really wanted to dive into all of my Making Things Happen thoughts today.  I wasn't really planning on writing any of that, honestly.  But I feel like someone needed to read that today.  Someone needed to know it's okay to not be okay.  Someone needed to be reminded that their mission is now and the choice that they make minute my minute matter.  I'm still in the thick of this with you.  Figuring out how to choose how to spend my minutes.  Figuring out how to be a good friend, wife, business-owner, and future mama.  Today, I'm taking these minutes captive with you.  We'll screw up and lose focus, but by the grace of God, we'll choose more life, more joy, more laughter, and more relationships today, too.  And that, my friends, we can celebrate.

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