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30K in 30 Days!

Yep, we really are doing this.  We're trying to raise $30,000 in one month.  We are nearing the end of all our paperwork which means each day we are closer and closer to the day we can scream from the rooftops "WE ARE ACTIVE!" We are eagerly waiting for the day that we get "the call" that a mama has picked us and we would love to be fully funded when that day comes.  Because we are inching closer and closer to the date we become active, we wanted to launch one big fundraiser that could help us to cover most, if not all, of the adoption costs.  So here's where our 30K challenge comes in!

If we break it down, it equals out to 1,000 people donating $30 to raise 30K in 30 days.  See, it seems doable, right!? We found the idea from a family on pinterest and after a quick email to her, we found out that they were able to raise a good chunk of their goal via this challenge! We are believing in faith that the Lord is going to use this fundraiser to fully fund this adoption.  Will you help us?

We would be so grateful if you would consider giving.  $5, $30, $50.  Every single dollar helps to get this baby home and no donation is too small.  We would also be so grateful if you would SHARE!  Share our gofundme page on facebook, share our fundraiser photo on instagram, call your mama... anything!!! We would love for you to share in ANY capacity as we strive to reach as many people as possible. 


Will you hep us?  We can't wait for this sweet baby to be home!

June Goals

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