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Friday No. 15

Friday No. 15

It's Friday, YAY!  I've been trying to think of what all we've done this week to share some random things in this post but I genuinely can't even remember Monday.  Ha!  This week has kind of been a blur, but it's been a good one!  I've been working on filling in our calendar for the fall and it's going to be INSANE.  From my sister's wedding showers to photo sessions to moving out of our rental and in with our parents to my sister's wedding and hopefully, prayerfully, PLEASE GOD PLEASE moving into our new house before Christmas!  I'm honestly really overwhelmed when I look at what all will happen in the next 4 months but it really will be sweet!

1.  Paleo Sweet Potato Blueberry Breakfast Bars

I made these breakfast bars at the beginning of the week and I've really enjoyed them for breakfast and for a snack!  If you don't like sweet potato it's highly unlikely that you would like these as that's the main ingredient, but I think they're really yummy!


2.  I have a major confession!

I've likely never shared this year, but one of my top favorite shows is... Counting On!  Ha!  Call me crazy but I love the Duggar family.  They are super interesting to me and I've really enjoyed following the older siblings as they've gotten older, gotten married, and are having babies!  I had a huge conversation with my friend Victoria about them yesterday and it honestly confirmed why we are best friends.  My new favorite is Kendra.  She's really been surprising me on some of these new episodes and she seems a lot more "normal" that some other family members (typing this out is genuinely making me laugh) and she seems so genuine and sweet. If you're a Counting On fam PLEASE don't leave me hanging here!!

3.  Sweet & Slow Days


I am a planner by nature and sometimes I truly can't rest because my mind is moving a million miles a minute.  I've felt that way a lot lately and it's been hard for me to truly just take a quiet minute to sit and be.  Yesterday I turned on some worship music after breakfast and let the kids play while I sat and drank coffee.  It's been a LONG time since I've really done that and it was so good!

4.  Campbell finally started therapy!


We are thrilled that after a really long process, Campbell finally started his therapy sessions this week!  We are really encouraged about what's ahead and I can't wait to see him thrive and learn new things.  It's definitely going to be an adjustment for all of us, but I'm so proud of our sweet boy!  I've gotten a lot of great encouragement from the few times I've shared on instagram and I'm so thankful to have so many people cheering us on and to have mama's who have been through it to encourage me! 

5.  We are off on a girl's trip!

This morning Crawford and I are off on our first road trip! We are headed to Georgia to see some of our favorites, the Leakey family!!  I haven't visited Jamie since the kids have been born and we're way overdue for a visit.  I'm a little nervous traveling that far (it's about 7 hours) by myself, but I am so excited to have some one on one time with CG and I think it'll be really sweet!  The last time we saw part of the Leakey fam was when Jamie and Bennett came for Crawford's birthday party!

The Holly & Co. Shop is LIVE!

The Holly & Co. Shop is LIVE!

Resources for Waiting

Resources for Waiting